Interactive Wayfinding in 22 Seconds

In 22 seconds, see how wayfinding with 22Miles will quickly orient visitors with interactive 3D maps that feature ‘go this way’ arrows, include ADA accessible routing, and smart pathway automations for access control and volume of travelers.

Large facilities often have complex layouts and multiple levels, which can make it difficult for visitors to navigate and find their desired location. Interactive 3D wayfinding systems provide an intuitive and interactive visual representation of the building and its surroundings, allowing users to easily find their way around and reach their desired destination. These systems can also be integrated with real-time information, such as directions, distances, and wait times, making the navigation experience even more convenient and efficient. Additionally, interactive 3D wayfinding systems can also provide valuable insights into how people are using a building, helping facility managers to optimize the layout and improve the overall visitor experience.


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