Digital Signage for Airports

“I don’t typically find in my environment an opportunity to post a testimonial on how I was treated by a vendor. However, in the case of working with 22Miles technicians, I just must say, that in all my 19 years of being in the technology field and having communicated by phone and electronic media with vendors from all facets of the technology field, I have never felt as though I was truly served. When I needed a quick response to an issue I was having with a specific device, I made one call to 22 Miles and the response was “ASTOUNDING”. Thank you to 22Miles and their technicians for a Job Well Done!”

Kim Dalhover
AIS Desktop Field Technician|Aviation Technology PHX

Large to small airports and train stations search for best efficiency and time-managed solutions that are impactful, and stimulating. Each transportation location needs to drive new vendors to their terminals, provide wayfinding for travelers, provide alerts, allow visitors to purchase tickets, and push eye-appealing advertising.

everyday traveler

The “everyday traveler” – a guest with limited time, lots of questions, and looking for the shortest path to “solve for x” needs such information readily available. The everyday traveler is in search of gate and terminal related information, food and beverage locations, restroom locators as well as a slew of other valuable information. With the 22 Miles, Publisher Pro, CMS anyone is able to design and create a digital customer experience focusing on weaving technology seamlessly into the aesthetics of their terminal.

Transportation environments’ Digital Signage can benefit with:


  • Visually relieve the directional frustration of visitors, travelers and employees throughout any airport terminals or train stations.Locate shopping, restaurants and dining in addition to restrooms and airport personnel.
  • Add multi-touch capabilities to communicate precise and up to date destinations with the only true-wayfinding of gate, to concession, to accessible route editing solution.
  • Embedded with QR codes, customer URL, email, or text; send multi-destination, multi-building, multi-floor, one-way, and popular locations to any users’ mobile device. Incorporate Beacon or MSE indoor positioning technology for a real-time wayfinding mobile experience.
  • Walk/Ride/wayfinding- clickable options to find out how fast it would be to walk, how fast riding with the air-train. Wayfinding associated with walking speeds and distances natively supported within the 22 Miles, Publisher Pro, map editor.


VIP/ Wheelchair

Preferred, or
One-way Routes

Employee, and
Private Wayfinding

Flight Information Displays

  • Incorporate boarding pass scanners for quick information access to any flight times, gate finders, or walking speeds with the 22 Miles’ wayfinding solution.
  • Break away from the standard Flight Information Displays and move toward those designed to increase passenger engagement.
  • Self-service kiosk prompting full flight arrival/departure updates, airline baggage information, TSA notifications, and even ticket purchasing capabilities.
  • Highlight impactful weather conditions that may affect flights, show weather and flight maps through an intuitive communication digital display.
Flight Information Displays


  • Attract the thousands of people that walk by daily by creatively showcasing long-term and short-term advertising campaigns through videos, animations and slideshows.
  • Provide compelling visuals through video walls and interactive kiosks that promote action and support ROI to a targeted audience.
  • Never have to worry about outdated vendor promotions or advertising campaigns, always be able in real-time to dynamically change the content and provide a fresh look to any environment.

Internal News

  • Provide information of train arrivals, gate finder construction or renovation news, what lines to use, doors opening or closing.
  • Save crucial time and ensure important bulletins and facility news are seen in a digitally dynamic format.
  • Display HR operational information: new staffs welcome message, recognizing teamwork, new services or security information, and new regulations and processes.
  • Seamlessly promote “GO GREEN” through your digital displays with any media format, videos, or other easily updated and dragged-in content.
Internal News