Digital Signage for Corporations

Corporate environments today continually evolve with the ever-changing world of modernization, innovation, “Going Green” campaigns, and the need for effective employee communications. 22MILES seamlessly meets all of those needs with a multimedia communications platform that boosts corporate staff, guest, and visitor engagements, allows for real-time message updates, Room booking integrations, and an interactive wayfinding capability. Of course going “paperless” is also a key benefit of digital signage.

Large to small organizations need to encourage efficiency and time-managed solutions that are impactful, and stimulating. Each building needs to drive new tenants to their offices with a building directory, provide wayfinding for visitors & rushed staff, recognize excellence, provide alerts, announcements, and even request feedback or surveys to be completed.

Corporate Digital Signage can benefit with:

Show Turn-by-Turn Directions to Your Amenities

With our wayfinding solutions, you can:

  • Provide turn-by-turn directions to your conference rooms, break areas, and other important locations.
  • Prevent meetings from starting late by helping your visitors and employees find their destination
  • Support hotdesking and hoteling in open area & agile environments

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Help Guests Find Their Destination with Building Directories

Our Digital Building Directories allow you to:

  • Help your guests find offices and buildings
  • Have your guests sign-in on a self-service kiosk
  • Highlight special events, send emergency alerts
  • Keep employees and guests updated with live traffic, up-to-date weather, and social media feeds

See How Our Digital Directories Can Help You

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Keep Your Employees Engaged

With our Digital Signage, you can:

  • Control multiple screens throughout your campus with a cloud-hosted solution
  • Communicate efficiently by displaying news and updates on your screens
  • Go green and stop printing flyers
  • Recognize your employees for birthdays and achievements
  • Display videos, social media feeds, company achievements & metrics, and survey results

See How Our Digital Signage Displays Can Help Keep Your Employees Engaged

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Meeting Rooms

Keep Your Conference Rooms Organized

Our Meeting Room Boards Allow You To:

  • Show when a conference room is booked or open
  • Integrate with your Office 365 or Google Suite calendar
  • Dynamically show a conference room’s schedule based on the company calendar
  • Use RFID to book a meeting room directly on the screen

Help Your Organization Stay Organized

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