Digital Signage for Corporations

Corporate environments today continually evolve with the ever-changing world of modernization, innovation, “Going Green” campaigns, and the need for effective employee communications. 22MILES seamlessly meets all of those needs with a multimedia communications platform that boosts corporate staff, guest, and visitor engagements, allows for real-time message updates, Room booking integrations, and an interactive wayfinding capability. Of course going “paperless” is also a key benefit of digital signage.

Large to small organizations need to encourage efficiency and time-managed solutions that are impactful, and stimulating. Each building needs to drive new tenants to their offices with a building directory, provide wayfinding for visitors & rushed staff, recognize excellence, provide alerts, announcements, and even request feedback or surveys to be completed.

Corporate Digital Signage can benefit with:

Show Turn-by-Turn Directions to Your Amenities

With our wayfinding solutions, you can:

  • Provide turn-by-turn directions to your conference rooms, break areas, and other important locations.
  • Prevent meetings from starting late by helping your visitors and employees find their destination
  • Support hotdesking and hoteling in open area & agile environments

See a Demo of Our Wayfinding Software Today!

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Help Guests Find Their Destination with Building Directories

Our Digital Building Directories allow you to:

  • Help your guests find offices and buildings
  • Have your guests sign-in on a self-service kiosk
  • Highlight special events, send emergency alerts
  • Keep employees and guests updated with live traffic, up-to-date weather, and social media feeds

See How Our Digital Directories Can Help You

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Keep Your Employees Engaged

With our Digital Signage, you can:

  • Control multiple screens throughout your campus with a cloud-hosted solution
  • Communicate efficiently by displaying news and updates on your screens
  • Go green and stop printing flyers
  • Recognize your employees for birthdays and achievements
  • Display videos, social media feeds, company achievements & metrics, and survey results

See How Our Digital Signage Displays Can Help Keep Your Employees Engaged

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Meeting Rooms

Keep Your Conference Rooms Organized

Our Meeting Room Boards Allow You To:

  • Show when a conference room is booked or open
  • Integrate with your Office 365 or Google Suite calendar
  • Dynamically show a conference room’s schedule based on the company calendar
  • Use RFID to book a meeting room directly on the screen

Help Your Organization Stay Organized

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White Paper – The Evolving Office…Workplace Layouts & The New Normal

As a growing number of people in the U.S & global workforce return to work, organizational leaders across sectors are focusing on the transformation of building layouts and office protocols into safer, more agile workspaces. 22MILES has created an informative white paper exploring how technology sits at the forefront of adapting to the world around us and establishing a new normal, built to withstand whatever challenges may come. Get your download of the whitepaper here:

Click below to learn more or download the white paper

22Miles PublisherPro.IoT


Forbes describes IoT and AI as two independent technologies that have a significant impact on multiple industry verticals. While IoT is the digital nervous system, AI becomes the brain that makes decisions that control the overall system. The lethal combination of AI and IoT brings us AIoT – Artificial Intelligence of Things – that delivers intelligent and connected systems that are capable of self-correcting and self-healing themselves.

22Miles Visual Communications solutions with PublisherPro.AIoT supports the AIoT architecture, on one hand in facilitating ingestion of data at the edge, like our sensor readings in our temperature sensing TempDefend, or proof of play in our content publishing to displays, on the other hand, processing it through AI, like our facial/image recognition, reformatting it into visual components, that are then scheduled and displayed in a dynamic fashion that fits the relevant application and market.

With full management control and enterprise governance, all ingested data feeds the analytics engine that translates it into actionable and real-time insights that can transform operations and experiences.