Digital Signage for Universities

Campus life today can be so overwhelming for new or active students, visitors, and faculty. The need for a comprehensive solution to simplify their information, their navigation, and even their security alerts has become more than ever a campus demand. They need to be engaged and informed with eye appealing and next-gen digital and mobile applications. Students need real-time notification, updated class schedules, class or professor finders, and imperative emergency alert capability. 22 Miles seamlessly meets all of those needs with a multimedia communications’ cross-platform that visually stimulates, educates, and improves the experience.

22 Miles understands that every campus organization has its own needs and solution goals. Our Digital Signage for colleges, universities, and other educational facilities platform provides a free-form, feature-rich solution that has all the building blocks for success. The solution can start with interactive wayfinding, or a digital video wall, or welcome screen and evolve to the user-engagement or department’s demands.

Education environments’ Digital Signage can benefit with:

Interactive Wayfinding

  • Allow routes/directions to be customized and simplified for students, staff, and visitors to quickly grasp. Able to edit floor maps for future campus structure modifications.
  • Create handicap/ADA compliant routes throughout any facility requiring the touchscreen interface to be wheelchair friendly and accessible.
  • Improve Efficiency with class and shuttle scheduled directories that provide turn-by-turn directions in a 3D wayfinding overview.
  • Integrate with Google Maps and have a complete Walk/Ride/wayfinding solution- clickable option to find out how fast it would be to walk or how fast riding with the school shuttle service throughout campus. Wayfinding associated with walking speeds and distances natively supported within the 22 Miles, Publisher Pro, map editor.

VIP/ Wheelchair

Preferred, or
One-way Routes


Class & Meeting directory boards

  • Provide your campus with the capability to quickly give visitors or student’s up-to-date schedules, locations and details of classes and meetings.

    3rd-Party integration to your back-end management system or data source

    • 25Live / CollegeNet
    • EMS: meeting and classroom schedules, and event listing
    • Sales Pro: event and conference schedules, class times, and directory listings
    • Micros Opera: event schedules and POS sale listing
    • Razors Edge: donor listings w/descriptions and scheduled events
    • Active Directory: directory listings
    • HTML: website feeds
  • Intuitive and centralized application for classes, transportation schedules, functions, sporting events, expos, and more.
  • Strategically place interactive kiosks around campus that allow for quick keyword searches by any type of category, mapping, and external webpages.

Tablet Room Boards

  • Install Android, Windows, or other tablets outside study halls, break rooms, or classrooms for live local room reservation capabilities.
  • Create a new live service to call application buttons outside each of the study halls or classrooms with IT support, emergency panic calls, and any other service requests.
  • Built-in support to Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, VoIP, Exchange and diverse additional 3rd-party data sources.

Digital donor- Campaign & Giving Displays

  • Use the 22MILES powerful built-in widgets to easily automate the data collection process of any organization’s metric systems.
  • Surveys are essential to solicit feedback from your customers, visitors or staff. Include an onscreen keyboard so users can easily type their answers and submit.
  • Increase your display’s functional usage while minimizing unnecessary repetitions from internal inquiries with an administrative, FAQ interactive input, solution.

White Paper – The Evolving Office…Workplace Layouts & The New Normal

As a growing number of people in the U.S & global workforce return to work, organizational leaders across sectors are focusing on the transformation of building layouts and office protocols into safer, more agile workspaces. 22MILES has created an informative white paper exploring how technology sits at the forefront of adapting to the world around us and establishing a new normal, built to withstand whatever challenges may come. Get your download of the whitepaper here:

Click below to learn more or download the white paper