Shoppers today have a higher sense of urgency to quickly locate their intended retail items or stores, make the purchase and move on. Their shopping experience needs to facilitate a new engaging approach to keep them coming back for more. 22MILES seamlessly meets all of those needs with a multimedia communications platform that visually stimulates shoppers to stay and explore more of the stores' promotions or exciting new items. Shopping malls today need a modern, state-of-art, and effective solution to drive more sales and better customer service. Using digital displays, outlets dynamically share all the new sales items, food court menus, or large video walls with runway shows. And implementing interactive wayfinding kiosks provides the simplest directions for every visitor or customer throughout the property. 22MILES allows you to centrally manage all your content, Ads, and floor maps efficiently through one content management platform.


  • Routes/directions can be customized and simplified for customers to quickly visualize. Floor maps can be edited for future structure modifications.
  • Handicap preferred routes can be created throughout any center requiring the touchscreen interface to be wheelchair friendly and accessible.
  • Built-in Google Translate, and data integration for multi-lingual in every aspect: floor maps, store information, facilities and all interfaces.


22MILES, Inc. was determined to empower the digital audience to experience content on a mobile phone with no App download necessary. In result, we created Carry2Mobile™ as a new capability that benefits both the display owners as it leads to higher usability and the end user as it is now much more seamless to consume content on the go. Carry2Mobile™ uses HTML5 technology to seamlessly transition the user experience from a digital sign to a mobile device’s web browser.

retail mobile digital signage

The True Interactive Retail Experience

Each digital passive screen, or each designed slide has a unique code for user to scan or text for more information.

※ The Solution can be placed on any traditional signage, any digital AD or promotional displays or video walls.

Carry2Mobile™ – Touch Lite Mobile

A simple text message carries a link to open same information on user’s mobile phone.

The Link can trigger either a web based interactive slide, or additional content designed to get more touch points off the consumer.

Add another trigger point such as a “MORE" button to really get them excited to learn more, and once they do you can immerse them in an entire User Experience that is designed through our Publisher Pro with HTML5 design controls.

mobile digital signage

More to Carry

  • By clicking on the More button, it leads user to a fully functional mobile experience
  • Triggers-TouchPlus Mobile-includes all these features

Text to Mobile

Each hotel room guest TV screen, or custom hotel slide, has a unique code for user to scan or text for more information.

Mobile Wayfinding App with 22MILES AR Plug-in Capabilities

Augmented Reality is now a Reality… AR brings a new human interface to react to imagery in the user’s environment, especially in an environment the user is not familiar with. It can be difficult for users to locate an object that’s not positioned onscreen, and a mobile AR app could help users navigate to those objects easier, and with a clearer direction to start.

Advertising & Promotional Integration

  • Entice the thousands of people that walk by daily by creatively showcasing advertising campaigns through videos, animations and slideshows.
  • Include NFC integrations into interactive kiosks to further engage customers with promotions, coupons, and traffic monitoring grabs.
  • Never have to worry about outdated retail store promotions or advertising campaigns, always be able in real-time to dynamically change the content and provide a fresh look to any environment.
  • Integration with facility management systems, and customer relations systems to simplify and automate daily operations and updates to the digital solution.

Retail & Shopping Malls examples Include: