Digital Signage for Agile Teams

Running a successful business requires employees to have clear direction and complete support. It’s time to introduce modern employee assets to help your workforce reach their highest potential. By integrating an office digital signage system into your workplace powered by 22Miles CMS, you invest in your team’s effectiveness, agility, and capabilities.

Explore how your workforce can increase productivity and effectiveness through digital technologies that streamline workflows.

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Ensure Employees Are Always Informed

Unifying your workforce is paramount when considering taking your company to the next level. When establishing methods of communication and interaction between your employees, it must unite them through engaging information. Workplace digital signage provides an easy-to-use, highly accessible, and visible platform for communications and updates. Companies may wish to share KPI information, company updates, or even the latest industry news. Digital signage can also promote and showcase branding within the workplace, both to employees and visitors alike, to help support a strong sense of communal identity and morale.

Whether sending critical communications distributed between departments or throughout the entire company, 22Miles’ innovative office digital signage technology will keep every one of your employees informed and up-to-date with everything they need to know. Enabling your workforce to remain productive and aligned ultimately results in sales turnover. Take charge of employee engagement to help encourage your team and take your company to the next level.

Seamless Internal and External Communications

Within the office, installing digital signage helps to promote and support internal communications via various channels and data streams. Transparency and frequent updates allow employees to maintain consistent contact with one another within the workplace. With digital signage, your workplace will enable remote employees to be seamlessly integrated and aligned with in-office employees. Your digital signage system can also be the primary communication channel between managers, visitors, and employees. Empower your entire team with access to the most up-to-date information and resources with real-time notifications that can reach employee desktops.

Offering your team primary or secondary communication channels enables easy, autonomous content distribution and teamworking. These direct or secondary channels allow for instant distribution of content and promote seamless workplace management practices.

Communicating Your Success Strategy

Helping to promote your company’s top-level success strategy is a matter of visibility and clarity. Workplace digital signage helps keep employees connected and informed about company-wide initiatives. Sharing vital key performance indicator (KPI) data to track progress toward those goals is critical. Ensuring your messaging is transparent and readily available for all employees is another way to keep your team on the same page. Motivating employees towards internal objectives in a way that is highly accessible helps create momentum toward strategy achievement.

Help Employees Realize Their Potential With Innovative Workplace Technology

With instant communication, compelling content, objective sharing, and the ability for any of your employees to stay consistently updated, integrating office workplace technology will elevate your company’s productivity, agility, and workflow simplicity. As the industry leader in workplace digital signage, 22Miles is waiting for you to allow your business operations to become more aligned with the modern, synergistic workflow with our easy-to-use systems so that your company reaches its highest potential.

If you are ready to save valuable time, energy, and resources with the latest in digital signage for enterprise, give us a call today at (408) 933-3000 or complete our contact request form to book a demo with a member of our sales team for a quote and demonstration of our powerful, completely customizable digital signage systems.

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