Communications that Drive Student Safety

Today’s educators have considerable communication challenges to overcome in face-to-face learning environments. While the focus is on students and safety, there are helpful tech-forward solutions that can relieve the pressure on college and university campuses. This article discusses why digital signage for higher education has quickly become one of the central cogs in their machine.

digital signage for higher education

Streamlined Communication Tools

Adopting new technologies can help grease the wheels to keep students and staff connected. More often than not, the ability to implement communications strategies with the tools your team currently uses and loves is the best way to ensure success. Digital tooling increases communication accessibility which strengthens campus connectivity. Another benefit of having a campus-wide digital signage ecosystem is that it produces data insights that inform decision-making.

In case of an emergency, communications are crucial. Using a comprehensive CMS like Publisher Pro, campus-wide real-time alerts inform students, faculty, and staff about potential safety threats on campus. Another bonus is coordinated emergency responses that trigger effective action from campus security, law enforcement, and emergency responders. Further, communication about safety tips and resources can be accessible for everyone about how to report suspicious behavior and what to do in an emergency. In addition, our content management system streamlines the incident reporting workflow of harassment, assault, or other safety incidents, even if submitted anonymously, so reporters feel more comfortable. Expanded by the functionality of our robust CMS, these digital signage features lead to a safer and more connected campus environment.

Creating a Sense of Belonging and Safety

As the higher education industry continues to experience enrollment challenges, campus safety offices are being called upon to do more than provide secure environments. Students must feel welcome at their institutions, meaning campus safety also contributes to recruitment and retention efforts. Digital signage for higher education campuses can broadcast emergency messages that warn staff of potential threats or hazards, such as taking precautions to seek shelter during severe weather. Another benefit to using 22Miles Publisher Pro to power campus-wide digital signage is directional navigation, which makes it easier for students (or unfamiliar visitors) to feel more comfortable locating important buildings or resources on campus. Further, signage can also promote events and activities on campus, which strengthens the feeling of a campus community in a much more dynamic way than printed posters. In addition, community messaging such as inspirational quotes, photos, or notifications showcasing the student body’s diversity can emphasize the importance of inclusivity and equal respect.

Personalized Messaging with Laser Focus

Today’s colleges and universities need efficient, platform-based operations that rely on data analytics from a sophisticated CMS like 22Miles. It allows for messaging that engages with students and staff and ensures delivery at the right time. With our robust content management system, your team can create and manage messaging that previously had been widely decentralized among schools and departments across the college campus. Another aspect of digital signage for higher education is tailoring messaging to individual students based on their specific needs and interests. Personalized messaging can target particular groups of students based on demographics or behaviors. Real-time messaging allows students to receive timely information about safety issues as they occur. And our CMS can facilitate two-way communication between students and campus security, making it easier for students to report safety concerns or incidents. By leveraging a digital ecosystem with 22Miles Publisher Pro to personalize messaging, colleges and universities can improve their safety and security efforts and provide students with what they need to stay safe on campus.

As industry leaders in digital signage for higher education campuses, 22Miles’ innovative digital technology will help you enable your team to reach their highest potential in face-to-face and remote learning environments.

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