Enhancing Visual Communications
with Wayfinding for Government Buildings

wayfinding for government buildings

In the public sector environment, communication must remain at the forefront of all operations. With the latest technology in digital signage and wayfinding for government buildings, 22Miles can enhance visual communications and manage your facility more efficiently than ever before.
Learn more about how digital signage for government offices can inspire your staff and improve visitor experience.

Boost Engagement Among Visitors and Staff

One of the most beneficial aspects of digital signage is that it helps boost engagement among all who interact with it. Whether your operation is in need of better communication among team members or an improved experience for its visitors, digital signage can get the job done.
For government staff, digital signage helps promote seamless operations with omnichannel communications. Rich content APIs with enterprise and emergency management systems make it easy to update all team members in real-time, as well as send critical communications via screens, kiosks, video walls, and mobile devices – distributed by location or facility-wide using an intuitive central interface.
With so many eyes on your digital signage, this makes it the perfect platform to promote important messaging, such as emergency notifications. Digital signage in the form of video walls, screens, kiosks, and more serves to publicize events, communicate policies, highlight achievements, and provide necessary directions.
22Miles’ technology enables government office leaders to prioritize the experience for all visitors and staff as well as promote a more authentic and meaningful message.

Improve Navigation Across Departments

In addition to promoting powerful messaging, digital signage utilizes wayfinding technology to engage visitors and staff on a deeper level. For government officials, staff, and visitors alike, navigating a large government building can be difficult and time consuming. One of the best ways to enhance staff and visitor experience is with technology in wayfinding for government buildings.
More than just understanding a building’s purpose, users of wayfinding technology can feel more connected and empowered when visiting your facility.
Wayfinding for government buildings welcomes staff and visitors to an office, base, or municipality with an interactive 3D interface. Utilizing Augmented Reality (AR), users can reimagine their environment and navigate to their destination quickly and easily.
22Miles’ wayfinding app utilizes appropriate routing, real-time employee calendar integration, and filtered content, as well as a superimposed pathway solution through a mobile phone camera. When a user points its camera to a location, the 3D interface showcases anything within the real physical space based on its proximity. The 3D mobile interface then provides fully-integrated mapping technology with turn-by-turn directions in real time through the real world.
The 3D wayfinding mobile app and AR plug-in with 22Miles elevates your government building to new heights while maintaining the employee and visitor experience as the top priority. Consider implementing wayfinding technology into main lobbies, corridors, and more.

Employ the Latest Technology in Digital Signage for Your Government Building

The latest technology in wayfinding for government facilities serves to create a more organized and efficient space. Whether your government building sees a high volume of visitors or a select group of visitors each day, digital signage can elevate the experience for all. And, 22Miles’ customizable visual communication tools make it easier than ever for team leaders to update messaging and directions in real time.
To learn more about how digital signage for government facilities can enhance visual communication, contact us today and book a demo.

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