Partnering for Success in Government Digital Signage

Given its intricate and complicated nature, creating a digital signage system for government facilities can be a formidable task. Why risk attempting it alone when you can entrust it to the experts? In the article below, discover how having 22Miles as your partner can prove pivotal when it comes to government digital signage and wayfinding in the public sector.

government digital signage

Having knowledgeable partners is paramount when designing digital signage systems for government or municipal buildings. They serve as invaluable guides, assisting signage owners throughout the entire process, from concept, to design, implementation, and strategy. These partnerships extend beyond installation and maintenance, offering devoted support long after deployment. This is where the value of an experienced ally like 22Miles truly shines. Our team possesses an in-depth understanding of all the technical intricacies. In addition, we work with local Pro AV specialists for site visits, network design, installation, and more to ensure your digital signage ecosystem seamlessly aligns with the expectations of government agencies.

Maneuvering the Complexity

Developing government digital signage ecosystems presents unique challenges. First and foremost, these projects entail stringent security measures, often necessitating coordination among disparate teams. Security typically mandates either on-premises hosting or cloud hosting compliant with FedRamp or GovCloud standards. Navigating these complexities can be daunting, but that’s where a seasoned partner like 22Miles comes into play. With a wealth of experience in overcoming these obstacles, we are well-prepared to create innovative solutions that meet the strict mandates of government agencies. 22Miles’ CMS is hardware-agnostic, providing the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of hardware, integrations, and APIs. 22Miles wayfinding kiosks can be integrated with live appointment systems, serving as virtual receptionists with video calling capabilities, and displaying emergency notifications. Regardless of the difficulty of government digital signage demands, place your trust in the experts who understand the terrain and can deliver results that surpass expectations.

In the ever-evolving landscape of government digital signage, the role of experienced partners cannot be overstated. The complexities and unique challenges faced in this sector demand a steady hand to navigate through uncharted territory. Partners like 22Miles, with a deep understanding of government regulations, provide a guiding light through the intricacies of security, coordination, strategies, and advanced IT requirements. Our commitment to assisting agencies from concept to execution, as well as our unwavering post-deployment support, underscores the importance of collaboration in this field. With a clear understanding of the technical intricacies and a commitment to seamless integration, when it comes to government digital signage, remember that success often hinges on the trust and expertise of your partners.

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