Wayfinding and Digital Signage for Davidson Davie Community College

Davidson Davie Community College

Powered by intel, 22Miles 3D Interactive Wayfinding and Digital Signage to generate campus connectivity and efficiency
Davidson Davie Community College was founded in 1963 and is located in Thomasville, NC. The college’s stated mission is to provide innovative and equitable learning experiences to empower individuals, transform lives, and prepare students for enhanced career and educational opportunities within a changing global community.
Since its inception, Davidson’s Campus has grown to 11 buildings and two emergency services training facilities on approximately 97 acres.
The college offers more than 50 curriculum programs, and hosts thousands of students, faculty, staff, and visitors each year.
In response to a growing student population and
logistics challenges, Davidson’s directors sought ways to not only reduce the time it took for students and visitors to navigate around the growing campus, but to implement technology innovations that could facilitate the college’s needs as they evolved.
Utilizing the power of INTEL, paired with 22Miles Publisher Pro CMS, 3D interactive wayfinding and interactive digital signage were implemented on screens and kiosks throughout campus.
Powered by the Intel NUC, 22Miles’s intuitive central interface enabled Davidson’s IT and content strategy directors to efficiently utilize the digital screens and wayfinding kiosks to generate campus connectivity and efficiency. As the campus’ technology needs expand, incorporating digital room and menu boards, mobile app capabilities, donor boards, and even video walls is well within the capabilities of their system. All these components are easily customizable through the easy-to-use 22Miles content management system.
Centralized CMS for all Wayfinding and Digital Signage needs
Davidson’s main campus currently has 18 touch screens across two primary campuses. They are in the process of implementing the 19th screen, and the displays are located in different buildings, high-traffic areas, and busy spots on campus;
  • Intel-powered 3D Interactive Wayfinding and Digital Signage screens
  • Easy updating with 22Miles Publisher Pro CMS
  • Easy access to reports & user analytics
22MILES 3D Interactive Wayfinding solutions, paired with the power of INTEL processors, are ideal for large hotels & resorts, convention centers and entertainment facilities, and organizations of any type.
Everything a PC Can Do, Intel® NUC Can Do Smaller
Intel® NUC mini PCs squeeze a powerful processor, fast memory, and massive storage comparable to the latest full-size desktop PCs into the smallest form factors we can engineer.
High Performance, Powered by the Newest Intel® Technology
Intel® Core™ processors, are available with integrated or discrete graphics, in either solid state drive (SSD) or hard disk drive (HDD) configurations, and are all engineered to work together in an incredibly small space.
To learn more about Digital Signage and Wayfinding for your campus, or to get a custom quote, visit www.22Miles.com/intel
About Tomer Mann
Tomer Mann is the CRO of 22Miles. As a veteran in the digital signage industry for more than 14 years, Tomer strives to enhance visual communication consulting services to higher education, hospitality, retail, transportation, government, corporate, venues, healthcare, and other large organizations.

“Updating the directories and individual signs are things that we can easily do through the web interface. The ease of using the system, we can kind of share that responsibility with other areas of campus, so marketing can handle adding advertisements, and other departments can handle other campus related content and directories”

Donald Beck – Director of IT Services – Davidson-Davie Community College

The technology was a welcome enhancement to meet the needs of the growing campus, enhancing both student and visitor experiences, and it aligns with the college’s “Digital Accessibility mission statement”
• Guide students, visitors and staff to navigate throughout campus quickly
• Publicize campus events
• Communicate University policies
• Integrate emergency alerts and other notifications

“We use the intel NUCS on the backend, and they are easily accessible. We wanted the screens to be not only functional, but also visually appealing. We set the first screen that shows to be advertisements, events, and a news ticker, and because they are touch screens, once a user touches them that opens up the wayfinding. Updating content is so simple, I can usually show someone within 5-10 minutes how to use the system.”

Jared Bowman – Director of Multimedia Strategies – Davidson-Davie Community College

Backend analytics enable Davidson’s admin to measure engagement, plan to expand with additional screens, and interact across campus departments to determine how to meet campus challenges with digital solutions.
The Intel/22Miles solutions enable colleges and universities of any size to go beyond traditional digital signage solutions with a portfolio of customizable, flexible visual communications options that help students, faculty, and visitors stay informed, navigate facilities, and create a unique on-campus experience.

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