Aligning Digital Signage with College Student Behavior

October 25, 2023

education digital signage

College campuses are hubs of constant change, much like the dynamic behavior of their student population. The question is, how can universities keep up with this ever-evolving landscape? The answer lies in embracing cutting-edge technology, and one platform that’s leading the way is the 22Miles system, which offers a flexible and intuitive solution for updating and managing content across your campus.

In this article, we’re diving into how a campus-wide technology infusion can place relevant communications and accessible guidance at students’ fingertips. Let’s explore how 22Miles is changing the game.

Communications with Reach

Effective communication is essential for student success in a diverse and bustling college environment. Whether broadcasting news about new classes, testing dates, add/drop course deadlines, or issuing emergency alerts, reaching students with vital information is paramount. The days of relying on printed flyers, maps, and schedules are long gone.

The 22Miles Content Management System (CMS) is designed to support diverse communication pathways, seamlessly integrating with technologies already in use by college staff and students, such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google, Micros, EMS, or CollegeNet 25 Live. By working with familiar tools, 22Miles enhances communication accessibility, strengthening the bonds within the campus community. Particularly noteworthy is the growing demand for education digital signage is emergency messaging, as studies show that a shocking 40% of schools still lack clear instructions for handling emergencies.

Another innovative feature of 22Miles CMS for education digital signage is Carry2Mobile. This feature allows students to effortlessly transfer signage content to their mobile devices, whether it’s announcements, wayfinding maps, donor initiatives, event schedules, etc. It’s all about making communication accessible and convenient for the modern student.

Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Navigating a sprawling university campus can be overwhelming for everyone, from students to visitors and faculty. With many buildings, classrooms, and study spaces woven into the tight-knit campus, finding one’s way can be daunting. The solution? Interactive 3D wayfinding technology, which can significantly reduce anxiety and stress levels. Studies indicate that integrating technology into education has led to a remarkable 45% reduction in student stress levels and a 46% boost in confidence.

The 22Miles AI Assistant with wayfinding, powered by ChatGPT, is a game-changer for university navigation. This dynamic technology acts as a personal assistant, precisely guiding students and visitors to their desired destinations. Activating the AI Assistant is as simple as scanning a QR code on a digital sign, instantly equipping individuals with the guidance they need. They can seek assistance effortlessly through voice commands or text messages on their mobile devices, and the AI Assistant takes care of the rest. Notably, for international students who may not be comfortable with English as their primary language, the conversation can unfold in almost any language, fostering inclusivity and understanding.

Adaptability is the key to success in the ever-evolving landscape of college campuses and the shifting behaviors of students. With 22Miles, institutions can effortlessly keep pace with these changes. This comprehensive CMS platform streamlines content management across the entire campus, delivering real-time updates, intuitive guidance, and critical communications to students.

The future of effective campus communication is here, driven by versatile technology and a commitment to reducing stress and enhancing the student experience. It’s time to embrace the seamless, interconnected campus communications era, where students feel empowered, and universities thrive. 22Miles is leading the way, revolutionizing the college experience and ensuring that campuses remain at the forefront of technology and communication.

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