22Miles, Inc. Launches New Product: Carry2Mobile™

Creating a Unique Experience from Digital Displays to Mobile Screens 22Miles, Inc. has unveiled an exciting new product, Carry2Mobile™. Carry2Mobile™ uses HTML5 technology to seamlessly transition the user experience from a digital sign to a mobile device’s web browser. Motivated by user feedback and market research, 22Miles, Inc. was determined

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Wayfinding Kiosks for Mission Critical Public Safety

Read the original article here: https://kioskindustry.org/emergency-kiosks-wayfinding-technology-for-mission-critical-public-safety/ Method for using wayfinding technology, kiosks, digital signage and mobile devices to prevent violent attacks on educational, medical and business campuses and at public venues through detection and location of gun shots fired, recognition of explosives and illicit drugs, and biohazards materials capable of mass

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22MILES: Spearheading Digital Signage Innovation

MILES is a digital signage vendor, based out of Silicon Valley, bringing a fresh approach to the digital signage market. In today’s era where most organizations, including shopping malls, airports, hospitals, universities, among others, strive to get smarter by using cutting edge technology, 22MILES allows them to be competitive by [...]

6 Ways to Improve Care and Patient Satisfaction Using Digital Signage

Lead the way to a healthier community as you improve your patients’ and visitors’ experiences. Whether it is a hospital, physicians' clinic, dentist's office, nursing home or any healthcare facility, digital signage serves many purposes. It can streamline the provision of care, provide better customer service, deliver a higher quality [...]

SEGD references 22 Miles in collaboration with FD2S for UMN Health wayfinding design project

SEGD references 22 Miles in collaboration with FD2S for UMN Health wayfinding design project The University of Minnesota Health’s new MHealth facility in Minneapolis was purpose-built for facility flexibility and patient convenience, which presented graphic design firm fd2s with a unique wayfinding challenge.   #rev_slider_6_1, #rev_slider_6_1_wrapper { width:835px; height:500px;} @media [...]