Donor & Recognition Displays

“I couldn’t believe all these amazing features came built in standard. No add-on a La Carte’ pricing, no extra charges or recurring fees…nothing. Their Design Team paid close attention, I told them what I wanted and they designed a beautiful, easy to manage touchscreen video wall system that simply exceeded my expectations! What a great experience!”

– Kelly M, Honeywell

With the latest digital signage software, Publisher Pro, you now have an innovative approach to your foundation’s donor Display needs. With an intuitively simple drag‐and‐drop toolbox of widgets and filters any foundation can be capable of eye-catching and dynamically stimulating digital donor application. Have the capabilities of adding, or updating those important contributor details, and appreciation messages in real-time. Have limitless design control of your static displays, Interactive, or even video walls enabling a whole new element of value, recognition, and appreciation to your donors.

Solution and Application Examples Include:

Digital Donor- Campaign & Giving Displays

Attract your current or future donors with a digitally stimulating donor & recognition display.

  • Minimize the incurring costs and resources associated with updating traditional donor displays or plaques.
  • Increase the support and campaign contributions with bios, videos, and messages.
  • Upgrade to an interactive solution and include a digital thank you note station, or donor contribution/payment system

HR and Employee Recognition Displays

Celebrate successes and empower employees with a digital communication solution.

  • Provide bios, years of service, employee of the month, and other recognition applications into your digital solution.
  • Integrate back-end data sources to automate birthdays, anniversaries and other employee accomplishments.
  • Visually create a happy corporate environment that promotes further organizational success.

Donor Video Walls

Expose your foundation contributors to a whole other visual format. Take advantage of your large empty wall space with a donor or campaign driven video wall.

  • With the 22 Miles CMS – Publisher Pro, every user has the accessibility to manage their large scale digital displays just as seamlessly as any one unit deployment.
  • Showcase videos, imagery, pop flow or cover flow formatted bios, and other widgets with any size video wall orientation.
  • Enhance the experience with our unique multi-touch donor and recognition wall integration.

Flex Donor Video Wall

Don’t just settle for the ordinary; create an extraordinary architectural designed Donor wall experience with the 22 Miles flex wall capabilities. With the 22 Miles engineered server solution you’ll be able to have a whole solution with 50% less in hardware and maintenance cost!

  • Any architectural orientation can be utilized to have a shape, and dimensional effect that stands a part.
  • Further engage with your audience by displaying independent content on each screen or one artistic full wall animated and video orientated design.
  • Provide a new form of video wall experience with our unique multi-touch integration.