Creating a Unique Experience from Digital Displays to Mobile Screens

22Miles, Inc. has unveiled an exciting new product, Carry2Mobile. Carry2Mobile uses HTML5 technology to seamlessly transition the user experience from a digital sign to a mobile device’s web browser. Motivated by user feedback and market research, 22Miles, Inc. was determined to empower the digital audience to experience content on a mobile phone with no App download necessary. In result, this new capability benefits both the display owners as it leads to higher usability and the end user as it is now much more seamless to consume content on the go.

“The potential to further drive digital engagement for consumers across Smart Retail, hospitality, and education while allowing all digital signage content be taken on the go in a simple interface link, will enhance the entire user experience. Furthermore, brands can use local and branded content to make each experience more personal to the location which will driver higher ROI,” says Tomer Mann, SVP of Global Sales.

How Does Carry2Mobile Benefit Display Screen Owners?

In a Hotel Environment

Our goal is to ensure future revenue growth for the hotel property with digital signage. We believe that signage can have a direct impact on a guest’s experience and their willingness to return to the property which is why ensuring utmost usability and seamless integration is at the core of our business goals. Digital signage provides real-time visual information for events, menus, rewards programs, and amenity promotions to any guest. Now our mission is to make this experience more personal and actionable.

22MILES’ Carry2Mobile will create an immersive interface unlike anything else in the industry because it’s the first solution to give the control back to the in-house marketing team. The Solution is simple, with our CMS, a property can create an interactive interface that is seamless from any hotel screen, whether its in-room or public spaces, and transform them to a mobile on-the-go interactive web application.

Each guest can now have that real-time engagement where they can order through a POS integration from anywhere on the property, request a late check-out, or understand how to navigate to their event on the property through their mobile phones. Furthermore, digital signage to mobile signage shows off property promotions for on-site bars, restaurants, spas, or other amenities that hotels need their clients to be aware of. Everything can be designed with relevant and engaging corporate branding while incorporating a local and personal touch. The 22MILES HTML5 designer allows you to create this digital solution from screen to mobile with simple drag-and-drop feature sets with nothing for the guest to download or install.

What if a hotel has a corporate app?

Most hotel apps are a corporate based general info app, not a property specific editing app. Creating a unique, local app is one of the unique differentiators with 22MILES’s HTML5 features. We have the potential to work within branding standards and API integration with required corporate content. Additionally, each property is able to set their own local message, events, menus, and mobile wayfinding from any hotel screen on the go.

For Smart Retail

Shoppers today have a higher sense of urgency for quick purchases, access to promotions, and desire to have a more thoughtful shopping experience. They want to know where to go, what the best deals are down the aisle, and how they can avoid the long check-out lines.

22MILES’ HTML5 solution from any screen to the Carry2Mobile facilitates the kind of experiential and intuitive shopping that drives bottom-line sales. Any retailer from big box to QSR can provide real-time and dynamic information to their shoppers on the go. Additionally, enabling access to a user’s mobile device allows for a more personal and curated message and experience for shoppers of all demographics. Carry2Mobile will display the promotion, provide custom content through the web custom app design, and drop items into a digital cart instantaneously.

The difference between the corporate apps and our HTML5 solution?

Localized experience per location drives customers to use the app and then hyperlinks them to corporate to sign up for rewards or coupon mailers. We have also created a new interactive portal with a unique and enticing user interface that operates as a middle point of access for other properties who really want to drive their customers to engage, and just can’t seem to get them there.

How does it all work?

Through an HTML5 wrap 22 Miles can work with any media players, SOC, BrightSign, and Chrome solution. The platform can be accessed from QR Codes, custom text, and other read-to-write technologies.

Some other features to consider:

Multiple Users

Carry2Mobile allows you to serve multiple end users at a time. This is a major differentiator from other services who can only serve across one at a time.

Data & Analytics

22Miles, INC. already comes equipped with an intuitive analytics platform. However, with Carry2Mobile, there could be an implementation with Google Analytics allowing digital screen owners to unlock the ability to see the demographics of their users. Carry2Mobile can also use beacon or wifi technology to track geo-location.

Ability to Customize a Unique Experience Based on Persona

Through Carry2Mobile we’re able to create multiple personas in order to give each user a completely customized and unique experience. Leveraging our analytics dashboards (using triangulation and demographics tracking) and any integrated third-party systems, we’re able to ingest the data necessary to allow for advanced personalization that drives an enhanced user experience.

Our team has worked hard to once again provide an innovative solution to your digital signage suite.

Are you interested in a free demo of our software? If so, contact us today and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

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