22Miles Spotlights in December

As always, 22Miles made a few media appearances this month. We gathered up a few of our favorites in this article. Check out the links below for the latest news about Publisher Pro.

Our CRO, Tomer Mann, discusses the ins and outs of elevating consumer shopping with visual communications on Twice.com. He mentions methods retailers can use to build strong customer relationships no matter how shopping behavior evolves. Our newly updated Content Manager V7 allows them to build and deploy content for digital signage, mobile, and the web from a unified back end, supporting the “digitally enhanced shopping journey” today’s consumers expect. Read more on Twice.com to learn about five critical applications retailers can implement and benefit from immediately.

Over on Bizbash.com, Tomer Mann discussed some top-level event technologies to consider in a recent interview. He mentions how an interactive digital signage system can provide a clear picture of attendee behavior. With a system like ours, every button click can be reported or fed into a third-party analytics program to compile insights that drive event and facility decisions. Our team learned a lot from developing the facility-wide digital signage and wayfinding network updates at the Orange County Convention Center and the Las Vegas Convention Center. Read more about event tech strategies on Bizbash.

One of our recent clients, Davidson-Davie Community College, was featured in an article on Commercial Integrator. The article mentions how combining digital-signage messaging, campus information, and wayfinding in a single interactive system offers value to first-time visitors and daily users alike. The touchscreen interactivity draws users in, while the integrated mobile web app ensures they have all the information they need on the go. The simple, unified back-end makes it easy for any team member to update and maintain their content. There’s much more to read about it over on Commercial Integrator.

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