Lead the way to a healthier community as you improve your patient’s and visitors’ experiences.

Whether it is a hospital, physicians’ clinic, dentist’s office, nursing home or any healthcare facility, digital signage serves many purposes. It can streamline the provision of care, provide better customer service, deliver a higher quality of care, increase profitability, and improve everyone’s experience.

Here are ways healthcare institutions around the country benefit from using digital signage:

  1. Digital wayfinding applications make it easier for patients and visitors to get from point to point within a healthcare facility. It speeds up the process of finding the doctor’s clinic, the patient’s room, the waiting area and more.
  2. Digital signage keeps visitors informed about waiting times in emergency rooms.  During that time relevant healthcare information, updates, and reminders can also be displayed on the screens.  Active involvement in content reduces perceived wait times.
  3. Entertainment can be tailored based on the patient’s demographic profile such as information relevant to parents and children in the pediatric wing or older adults in geriatric doctors’ offices.
  4. Digital signage deploying the right content management system helps provide better comfort and improve patients’ experiences.  This positively affects patient experience scores and reviews.
  5. Digital signage replaces traditional memo boards and whiteboards in nursing stations, staff breakrooms and other work areas. This boosts engagement, efficiency, facilitates coordination and improves communication to hospital staffs.
  6. Improves relevant workflow communication like treatment protocols among doctors, nurses and hospital administrators. Digital signage software tools make collaboration of work and health-related concerns easier.

In Summary

The benefits of digital signage to patients, visitors, doctors, nurses, hospital staffs and administrators cannot be underestimated. It is as important as the complex medical imaging system or a stethoscope within the healthcare facility. More than that, it creates a positive experience that shows how the healthcare institution values everyone’s health and wellness. This encourages more happy and satisfied patients that leads to future patronage and improved profitability. Digital signage can be part of a plan to improve quality care and thus healthier lives.


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  • Boost productivity while increasing staff efficiency
  • How you can save time and money by using digital wayfinding

Table of content for this white paper


Page. 1

Anxiety Creates Confusion

Page. 2

Lost Patients Ask Staff For Directions

Page. 3

Staff Members Get Lost Too

Page. 4

Lost Patients Can Affect Surveys

Page. 5

Appointment Schedules and Wait Times

Page. 6

Large Medical Campus Wayfinding

Page. 7

Getting Around Is Important

Page. 8


Page. 9

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