22 Miles, Inc., the cross-platform digital signage company based out of Milpitas, California, recently unveiled the latest version of their True 3D Wayfinding solution. It’s been dubbed Publisher Pro 2017, and it’s a hybrid of sorts—part digital signage solution, part app developer. DigitalSignageConnection.com just caught up with Senior Vice President of Sales & Operations Tomer Mann for a discussion about how Publisher Pro 2017 is being deployed and what 22 Miles has in store for the future.

“People are thinking of 22 Miles as just wayfinding, and we’re being typecast after 10 years in the industry,” said Mann. “Yes, we are experts at that, but we have a host of other capabilities, and we are a full-on digital signage solution with wayfinding and mobile as our niche within that space.”

Speaking of capabilities, Publisher Pro 2017 comes with a few crucial additions. For instance, users can now design and manage iOS android and native apps thereby becoming their own app developer in the same interface that they use for digital signage. In other words, there’s no official graphic design background necessary to make full use of this platform and update everything from wayfinding to room booking all from the same place.  Although Publisher Pro 2017 and the rest of 22 Miles’ product line-up are generally considered cross-platform and cross-vertical, Mann thinks that the most suited clients (and the most interested so far) hail form large corporations, healthcare facilities, museums and universities. In other words, any large organizational campus is ideal.

“One of the first clients for this solution is a children’s museum, and the interesting thing is that they have their own designers in-house, so they are the first to design their own app, which was quite fitting. Meanwhile, multiple Fortune 500 companies are having 22 Miles manage their own NATIVE iOS/Android apps. Actually, you know, since the new year, we’ve had more request for mobile solutions as a phase 1 rollout as opposed to digital signage. Kiosks and digital signage will likely be the second big phase.”

Other unique features of Publisher Pro 2017 include Beacon readiness, CISCO MSC readiness, Bluedot Location Marketing capability and a proximity-based solution with ad capability that the property management recently utilized for a coupon campaign at The Shops at Southtown Mall in Utah.

“We are focused on what the market trends are, what the European and Asian markets interests are and what our developers believe will make a difference for our users and for our partners. We can change things out at any time, and our 3D wayfinding addition was a great example of in-house on-the-spot innovation. People continue to come to us with requests for out-of-the-box stuff as the market grows, and we are always innovating and listening with a huge focus on R & D, which is a big differentiator. So, more and more clients and partners are coming to us after hearing about how feature-rich we are within this one platform,” Mann concluded.

Reference: http://www.digitalsignageconnection.com/conversation-22-miles-svp-sales-operations-tomer-mann

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