The Orange County Convention Center Launches a Mobile Wayfinding Convention Center App

The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) has recently announced its campus app which complements the digital signage & wayfinding system that 22MILES implemented in early 2018. The mobile wayfinding app UI/UX was developed utilizing 22MILES’ Publisher Pro™ software, which has a built-in iOS/Android mobile development kit. The digital signage system provides OCCC with the capabilities to dynamically change the interface, update any graphics assets, and with analytics perform user experience updates anytime.

22MILES partnered with OCCC to bring a better visitor experience to the hundreds of thousands of people who walk through the convention center doors every year. 22MILES deployed to 117 digital signs throughout the massive footprint of OCCC campus. The combination of touchscreens and non-touch screens were strategically placed in order to:

  • help reduce confusion when navigating the multi-building campus
  • keep guests up to date with the latest news
  • provide event feed automation with Ungerboeck integration
  • and increase engagement with the amenities offered.

OCCC’s Wayfinding App Features

With the recent release of the convention center app for iOS & Android mobile devices, the 3D wayfinding kiosks and the app work together seamlessly to:mobile wayfinding, digital wayfinder, convention center app

  • Save the exact location of your car with the “Find My Car” function
  • Identify pick-up points for taxicabs, shuttle buses, and Uber drivers
  • Help users search destinations according to names, building, floor, or events
  • Help guests locate ATMs, restrooms, & info desks
  • Provide a Google Maps-like experience for businesses, hotels, and restaurants nearby
  • Provide resources such as images, 3D map renderings, and photospheres as needed

Richard Towner, Sales Manager at 22MILES, provides further insight, “It’s so great to see the project continue to expand over the years to more touchscreen wayfinding systems, additional digital signs and now even the mobile wayfinding app. It’s truly amazing that project as a whole is made possible by a single platform in Publisher Pro, needing no custom coding or programming to deliver on 3D wayfinding for kiosks, a native mobile app, and digital units, fully integrated with OCCC’s Ungerboeck event feed too.”

22MILES specializes in digital signage for convention centers & venues. You can read more on OCCC’s mobile app by clicking here.

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