22Miles + Seneca Software

For lightning-fast out-of-box experiences Seneca’s setup software enables integrators to deploy, configure and set up digital signage networks in minutes, not hours. Seneca’s Maestro application quickly installs 22Miles Publisher Pro on media players and optimizes settings for playback. No internet required.

Seneca xConnect simplifies remote monitoring workflows. It provides comprehensive system monitoring across the entire fleet of devices and will automatically send out alert messages as needed.

Additionally, SBAR, Seneca’s integrated backup and disaster recovery software, helps minimize disruption and ensure business continuity.

22Miles + Seneca HDsV4 Series

The Seneca HDsV4 Media Player is a ruggedized fanless, single-output media player and embedded system designed to perform in the most demanding environments. With purposeful design and feature sets, the Seneca HDsV4 shows that big things really can come in small packages.

22Miles + Seneca Element Series

Whether you need an entry-level device or something for an enterprise application, the Element media player offers unparalleled performance for digital signage installations. Built with enterprise-grade components, including an Intel processor and a Windows IoT (or Linux) OS, the Element line always delivers flawless playback.



22Miles + Seneca VWC Series

The VWC-plus and VWC-mini are Seneca’s next generation of video wall controllers. They offer best-in-class performance while maintaining the versatility to accommodate a wide range of A/V integration needs.

All Part of One Platform

Digital signage, wayfinding, active directories, and room boards are a combination of several technologies. 22Miles content management system is what brings those pieces together. Our platform is fast, secure, hardware agnostic, and can grow right along with you. Flexible configuration settings and powerful administrative tools enable us to tailor our deployments to meet client needs.