Wayfinding and The New Normal: Whitepaper

The Coronavirus pandemic has forever altered the world. Now that it passed, the changes it brought on permeate all we do–primarily in how we work. This new mentality demands our workspaces transform from merely a building for work into a modern, hospitable environment overflowing with efficiencies.

New technologies change how employees travel through the office, access spaces, and schedule meetings. Other mechanics rely on voice control to preserve hygiene when health safety is a concern. TempDefendTM can automatically detect elevated body temperatures to identify infected visitors. And finally, Secure Mobile Control enables users to experience interactive signage through mobile device web browsers, with no app download or installation for the user.

Moving forward, returning to the office will focus more on meeting spaces and communications rather than socializing spots. Uniting workers through digital signage content will create and maintain new efficiencies. Companies that position video conferencing at the core of their collaborations will reap significant benefits from hosting in the agile office of the new normal. Learn more about the implications of these changes in our The New Normal whitepaper.

This whitepaper report explores the ever-changing corporate landscape in the following categories:

  1. The office journey
  2. The new floor-plan
  3. Office Access
  4. Meeting Standards
  5. Voice Control for health safety
  6. TempDefend
  7. Secure Mobile Control
  8. Communication is key
  9. Digital Notifications
  10. Beyond the New Normal

To continue reading, download Wayfinding And The New Normal whitepaper below.