4 Methods for Unifying Team Communications

Many employees are now working in a modern hybrid environment, leaving employers wondering how to most efficiently keep their teams on the same page with new updates or changes throughout the work day.

With some employees working from home and some in the office, corporate strategies must become more innovative. Today’s facility management professionals and business leaders must shift to accommodate the organizational, spatial, and practical demands of the modern public working space.

corporate communications

Uniting the Team with Consistent Branding and Messaging

The feeling of being connected to other people is essential for employee mental health, well-being, and success. That feeling of connection can be nurtured through messaging on a consistent basis, but ensuring that the messages reach employees is a different story. The most practical solution for hybrid teams is to become more aligned with digital platforms for communication and work synthesis. In this modern, technological era, corporate communications need to also become digital to be the most effective in uniting employees that might be physically removed from the team.

Through consistent branding and messaging, your team will naturally feel more connected and aligned with one another across departments. Digital signage provides the much needed accessibility for your team to stay up-to-date with important company policies and procedures, employee resources, contact information for team members, and anything else you can think of.

Optimizing Workspace Availability with Room Booking

When employees come into the office, there must be an environment conducive to productivity. One of the most innovative ways to promote productivity in the hybrid workplace is optimizing the workspace with room booking. With room booking, corporate strategies can be better translated and, in turn, better cemented, enhancing workflow and productivity. Room booking also allows a space for your employees to synthesize strategies and tactics for their projects and assignments, thus allowing team members to more effectively stay on the same page with one another. By allotting a specified space, you are enabling an environment specifically dedicated to working with deep focus and creativity while also boosting morale and productivity.

To manage communication and planning regarding room booking, digital signage is the preferred platform for organizing room booking strategy. A meeting room booking system also promotes open workspaces, offices, or meeting spaces for often-conflicting busy schedules.  Employees can reserve and view flexible desks, offices, or meeting spaces from anywhere they please via signage, desktop, or mobile app easily. For internal and external attendees, there is usually a degree of difficulty when managing the many scheduling variabilities of booking a working space. Aligning communication of meeting and booking details will remove the concern of any conflict or missed communication between team members and departments.

22Miles’ space utilization solutions integrate with occupancy controls and sensors for data insights, RFID/badge scanning, auto check-in, and timed cancellation. This best-in-class technology simplifies space and work management with seamless and real-time booking, calendar scheduling, and automated signage.

Keep Connected On The Go

In the hybrid working era, teams need to be able to stay informed with any relevant updates and communications. 22Miles’ Carry2Mobile™ digital capability powerhouse enables digital-age teams to experience content on their mobile devices without needing to download an app. Instant cross-platform and native-integration synchronization between digital signage and mobile devices seamlessly allows your team to remain connected, no matter where they are.

Carry2Mobile™ allows for wayfinding, real-time news and safety alerts, and room booking capabilities to be accessible from the palm of your hand with no app download necessary, allowing for more user utilization with ease. Streamlined operations between customized digital signage and mobile devices allow your team wayfinding, room booking, and informational capabilities instantly and seamlessly.

Utilize Stunning Video Walls to Speak to Employees Efficiently

Elevate your corporate culture and establish your brand identity through 22Miles’ stunning video wall solutions. Create large-scale multi-screen layouts of any size and configuration that instantly update with new messages and campaigns and include built-in interactivity features for maximum team engagement. Integrating large-scale, high-definition video walls into your workspace will boost team morale, communications, and synergy. Reinforce your company’s vision and encourage corporate communications with dynamic, visually stunning digital displays.

Utilizing our custom 22Miles’ video walls can also be boosted with added touchscreen capabilities. Whether your company’s video walls are for communicating the latest updates or sharing interesting industry content, our video wall solutions will set your branding apart. Our video walls have anywhere from 4K to 16K resolution and can be as large as 10,000 square feet for immersive branding with large-scale impact.

Cutting-Edge Digital Solutions For Your Workplace

Emphasizing a digital shift allows workplaces to feel more modern and integrated. Communication, team collaboration, and company morale are instantly improved with 22Miles’ customized digital solutions for your workplace.

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