Corporate Strategies for Tomorrow’s Workplaces: Streamline and Connect

The modern workplace is constantly in flux, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift to remote work has accelerated its evolution. As corporate strategies focus on the return to the office, creating a workplace environment that is welcoming, efficient, productive, and enjoyable for employees is essential. That’s where 22Miles digital solutions enters the scene.

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One Solution to Rule Them All

22Miles Publisher Pro is a comprehensive platform that offers a suite of digital solutions to help organizations streamline and connect their workplace. From visitor management to room booking and desk reservation, 22Miles integrates seamlessly with popular communication tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco Webex, providing a comprehensive solution for all your workplace needs.

In addition, 22Miles offers intuitive 3D wayfinding on a mobile app. This solution is perfect for corporate strategies to implement hoteling and hotdesking practices. Companies can incorporate Single Sign-On (SSO) Active Directory with Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and other EMS systems. With 22Miles Wayfinding, employees can effortlessly find and book conference rooms, desks, and other workspaces, resulting in newfound workspace efficiency and space utilization, improved collaboration and productivity, and superior employee experiences.

Not Just Employees; it’s Also About the Visitor Experience.

As people return to the office, corporate strategies must evaluate how to make their visit as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 22Miles’ integrations can also benefit visitor management and check-in, with the ability to integrate virtual receptionists via Teams, Webex, or Zoom, access control systems, and even sensors for occupancy and head counts. These technologies create a seamless and efficient experience for visitors, from the moment they enter the building to when they leave.

The 22Miles platform can help drive an immersive and visually exciting experience at the office, improving collaboration and assisting both staff and guests in returning to work. Whether through the lobby, space utilization, event executive briefings, or experience centers, 22Miles’ digital solutions effectively connect and leverage these critical workplace functions, creating a smarter and more efficient workplace.

In conclusion, the future of the modern workplace will continue to improve as third-party integrations are seamlessly connected and leveraged effectively with the help of the 22Miles platform’s digital solution capabilities. With 22Miles Publisher Pro, corporate strategies can include a streamlined workplace, improved collaboration, and a more enjoyable and productive environment for every employee and visitor.

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