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With so many classrooms, buildings, and pathways, it’s easy to get lost on a university or college campus. The good news is, digital signage can help create tailored, dynamic instructions for navigating higher education campuses. With the latest technology in wayfinding with 22Miles, IT departments and administrators can elevate on-campus experiences for students, faculty and staff, and visitors.
Are you interested in implementing a user-friendly, comprehensive digital signage solution that is easy to manage and integrates with existing software? Learn more about the latest technology in wayfinding for higher education from 22Miles, an industry leader in experiential and visualized communications.
Customized Routes and Directions
Every university and college campus has unique needs and goals for its students, faculty and staff, and visitors. No matter the size of the campus, it’s important that digital signage allows for customized routes and directions. This can provide the highest quality experience for all.
When people approach a wayfinding kiosk on campus, they should be able to access navigation instructions that best fit their needs. Digital signage may offer customizable settings for different sections of the campus, like classrooms, offices, residence halls, dining halls, student centers, and more.
With the latest technology in digital signage, IT departments and administrators can also easily edit floor maps for future campus structure modifications. Rather than updating static signs in a lengthy and expensive process, updating digital signage is a quick, efficient, and cost-free solution.
Handicap/ADA Compliant Routes
An estimated 61 million adults across the U.S. live with a disability. Experts also estimate that one in every eight college students live with a disability. It’s crucial to account for the handicapped population on your university or college campus, which could include students, faculty and staff, or visitors.
Wayfinding for universities by 22Miles allows administrators to facilitate handicap/ADA compliant routes throughout campus with wheelchair friendly and accessible touchscreen interfaces.
On-Campus Transportation Efficiency
Another benefit of wayfinding for colleges and universities is enhancing transportation efficiency. With thousands of daily visitors to campus, it’s important that students receive regular updates on transportation.
With Publisher Pro’s one click publish to mobile feature, any wayfinding kiosk can instantly become accessible via mobile. This comes in handy for on-campus residents and commuters alike by providing real-time updates on bus and shuttle schedules, parking availability, and more.
Using wayfinding for on-campus transportation not only creates a more efficient on campus experience, but also a safer one. It is now simpler than ever for IT departments and administrators to provide a more efficient and smooth navigation experience on campus.
Invest in Wayfinding for Higher Education With 22Miles
Enhancing on-campus navigation should be a top priority for university and college administrators. With the latest technology in wayfinding for higher education, navigation can be more efficient for students, faculty and staff, and visitors alike.
To witness how 22Miles wayfinding technology can enhance the experience on your university or college campus, call us at (408) 933-3000 or complete our contact request form to schedule a demo today!
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