How To Use Digital Signage for Colleges and Universities to Engage Students, Faculty, and Visitors

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Receiving a college education is a difficult journey for many. Navigating a university or college campus shouldn’t be. With the latest technology in digital signage, students, faculty, staff, and visitors can have an enjoyable and engaging experience when on campus.
Here are a few ways to use digital signage for universities and colleges on your campus from the experts at 22Miles, an industry leader in experiential and visualized communications.
Campus Directions
Wayfinding is one of the most useful and popular applications of digital signage. In the fall of 2020, the largest college campuses across the U.S. had an active enrollment of 49,000 undergraduate students on average, with more than 60,000 students at the largest university. For students, faculty, staff, or visitors, navigating a complex campus with thousands of people can be time consuming and stressful.
Digital walls or kiosks with interactive maps and directions can enhance the on-campus experience at any size university.
Dynamic digital signage allows administrators to tailor directions that meet the needs of different groups of people on campus in a simple and efficient manner. Routes and directions can also be customized and simplified with information like walking speeds and distances, all natively supported through the 22Miles Publisher Pro map editor.
Student Communications
It is highly important that your digital signage is dynamic and interactive to appeal to various kinds of students. When asked how their university can enhance existing communication efforts, 42 percent of students said they wanted more personalization. With free-form, feature-rich solutions, the latest digital signage technology from 22Miles can make campus messaging more personalized, accessible, and impactful for students.
Leverage the visibility of digital signage for higher education on campus to communicate with students about up-to-date class schedules and locations, directory listings, health and safety protocols, transportation updates, athletics, events, and more.
Faculty and Staff Communications
Another key component of fostering efficient university operations is communicating with faculty and staff.
Digital signage for universities and colleges can assist with room reservations, IT support requests and information, emergency panic calls, and other service requests. Tablets placed inside of classrooms can help administrators, faculty, and staff communicate with each other quickly and effectively. With live service to call application technology, faculty and staff can also ensure that classrooms and offices on campus operate to the fullest extent.
Improve Campus Engagement With 22Miles Digital Signage
Digital signage for colleges and universities is one of the top trends in education for 2022 and beyond. 22Miles offers comprehensive solutions that can simplify life on campus and create a more engaging experience for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
To learn more about 22Miles’ digital signage solutions for colleges and universities, call us at (408) 933-3000 and schedule a demo today!
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