How Does (MTR) Microsoft Teams Room Digital Signage Work?

Microsoft Teams Rooms help connect people working remotely and people in the office. It provides a meeting room allowing everyone to be seen, heard, and fully participate from anywhere. This technology is an excellent solution for elevating hybrid meeting experiences. The article below discusses ways our CMS can integrate with Microsoft Teams Room digital signage devices to enhance these meetings for everyone on your team.

Microsoft teams room digital signage

Automate Microsoft Teams with 22Miles

We all understand how important it is to automate communication processes. With 22Miles’ integration with Microsoft Teams Room (MTR), communication managers can post once in Teams and display the message in multiple channels, such as laptops, mobile phones, and digital signage displays, to ensure all employees are well reached. 22Miles integrates with MTR to enhance meetings with digital signage abilities.

Microsoft Teams Rooms At Idle

When a meeting room is not in session, Microsoft Teams Rooms display what’s known as an idle screen. A typical idle screen shows information about the meeting, such as the meeting room avatar, name of the meeting, and PIN or registration codes to begin a session. But an idle screen can do much more, so this is when the 22Miles integration stands above the rest by switching to digital signage that can display a variety of helpful information. This becomes an excellent opportunity to unite your teams with instructions on using MTR, and show corporate messaging from company alerts to KPI dashboards while people are still gathered in the conference room.

Here are some ideas on what content can be displayed during idle:

  • Upcoming events: Display a schedule of upcoming events, meetings, or sessions.
  • Company information: Showcase your company’s mission statement, logo, or other important information.
  • Social media feeds: Display your company’s social media feeds or create a custom hashtag for attendees to use during the conference.
  • How-To Instructions: Show how to use technology in the meeting room, like connecting to a Bluetooth device or even the coffee machine.
  • Welcome message: Display welcome messages or thank attendees for coming.
  • Networking opportunities: Highlight networking opportunities, such as receptions or meet-and-greets.
  • Visitor Info: Showcase key visitors or customers in the build.
  • News updates: Display news updates relevant to your industry or the conference.
  • Local information: Highlight nearby restaurants, flight information, attractions, or other transportation options.
  • Interactive games or quizzes: Engage attendees with interactive games or quizzes related to the conference topic.

22Miles Enhances MTR Interactivity and Accessibility

22Miles can efficiently run all the signage at your facility and enhance your Microsoft Teams Rooms meetings. And it does all this through a single user interface that’s so easy to use even novice users or untrained employees can make sophisticated content changes in minutes. A CMS shouldn’t add strain but only relieve it. The 22Miles customizable backend and content templates provide visual consistency and branding across Microsoft Teams Rooms without requiring complex programming or professional assistance for updates. Users can benefit from a centralized backend by using analytics tools that monitor various aspects of your facilities, such as space use, meeting engagement, and responsiveness to messaging. This enables businesses to create a data-based content strategy and maximize their team’s capabilities.

Integrating 22Miles content management software with Microsoft Teams Rooms technology is an excellent solution for enhancing hybrid meeting experiences. As industry leaders in communication technology and platforms, 22Miles’ innovative digital technology will help you enable your team to reach their highest potential within the workplace and your company.

Learn more about 22Miles’ MTR integration capabilities today. Give us a call at (408) 933-3000 or complete our contact form to book a demo with our team.

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