Wayfinding for Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL

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Powered by intel, 22Miles 3D Interactive Wayfinding enhances visitors’ experience at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.
Located in Orlando, the tourist epicenter of Florida, Orange County Convention Center hosts hundreds of thousands of guests annually. As one of the largest convention centers in the nation, the sprawling seven million-square-foot campus offers guests, exhibitors, events planners, and organizations a state-of-the-art facility that can cater to functions of any size and type.
In an era of unprecedented challenges in many operational areas, technology plays a pivotal role in handling the requirements of large-scale national conferences, sporting events, and special functions and providing visitors and attendees of these events with digital signage solutions needed to navigate such a massive facility.
Powered by the Intel computing systems, 22Miles 3D Interactive Wayfinding was installed on a series of kiosks strategically positioned throughout the facility. Additionally, the 22MILES content management system, Publisher Pro, offers digital signage solutions for Orange County Convention Center staff to easily customize and push content to 60+ digital signs and more than 90 digital menu display boards.
Initially, when seeking a solution to help guests navigate the convention center, OCCC’s advisory board knew it was critical to identify a technology solution that could both help guests while simultaneously empowering staff to easily update a facility-wide digital signage system with more than 150 screens that could require differing information at any time. With two types of wayfinding kiosks, portrait and landscape orientation, as well as a mobile app that features the ability for users to scan a QR code and enable the wayfinding experience on their cell phone, visitors entering the facility can easily get turn by turn directions to whatever events they are attending.
Centralized CMS for all Wayfinding needs
Guide guests with 3D Interactive Wayfinding. Schedule routes to navigate area closures, setup, construction, one-way routes, or heightened security protocols. Display the shortest route, VIP routes, and accessible routes, including distance and estimated travel time;
  • Intel-powered 3D Interactive Wayfinding positioned portrait and landscape kiosks
  • 66 column digital signs & more than 94 menu displays
  • 20 kiosks strategically placed throughout the facility
  • Easy updating with 22Miles Publisher Pro CMS
  • Easy access to reports & user analytics
  • Mobile app
22MILES 3D Interactive Wayfinding solutions, paired with the power of INTEL processors, are ideal for large hotels & resorts, convention centers and entertainment facilities, and organizations of any type.
Everything a PC Can Do, Intel® NUC Can Do Smaller
Intel® NUC mini PCs squeeze a powerful processor, fast memory, and massive storage comparable to the latest full-size desktop PCs into the smallest form factors we can engineer.
High Performance, Powered by the Newest Intel® Technology
Intel® Core™ processors, are available with integrated or discrete graphics, in either solid state drive (SSD) or hard disk drive (HDD) configurations, and are all engineered to work together in an incredibly small space.
To learn more or get a quote, visit www.22Miles.com/intel
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