3 Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage on Your University Campus

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University administrators have many unique responsibilities, including creating an elevated on-campus experience for students, faculty, and visitors. One of the best ways to enhance the on-campus experience is by investing in higher education technology like digital signage.
There are limitless possibilities for your university with the latest higher education technology from 22Miles. Learn more today about the top creative ways to use digital signage on your university campus.

1. Highlight University Donors, Students/Faculty, and Alumni

At many universities, donors contribute greatly to the continued success of diverse and unique programs. Donor walls provide the perfect platform to give meaningful thanks to supporters of the institution.
With large scale, multi-screen layouts of any size and configuration, donor walls provide an eye-catching display for all campus visitors to see. With 22Miles technology, campus administrators can instantly update digital walls with new donors and messages and build in interactivity features for maximum donor engagement.
Digital signage also provides the perfect platform to recognize star students, faculty, and alumni. Featuring alumni, scholarship winners, rising star students, and impactful faculty not only shows appreciation, but also motivates by exemplifying the success of the university.

2. Enhance Visual Communication With Mobile Integration

Another key benefit of digital signage for universities is that it allows for simpler, more efficient communication.
This enhanced communication experience in turn allows for students to feel not only more connected with administrators, but also more comfortable on campus. 22Miles’ Carry2Mobile capability empowers users to experience content on their mobile phone with no app download necessary.
This means that campus-wide announcements can reach users no matter where on campus they are headed. This allows for increased safety for all visitors.
Additionally, mobile integration allows for more versatile wayfinding capabilities. While it’s easy to get turned around on a university or college campus, mobile wayfinding with augmented reality is a more user-friendly option than traditional static maps.

3. Provide Virtual Tours for Visitors

Universities welcome thousands of new visitors each year, including prospective students, family members of current students and faculty, potential donors, and alumni. In addition to enhancing visual communication and safety with mobile integration, campus administrators can provide an informative and enjoyable experience for visitors with virtual tours via higher education technology and digital signage.
Digital signage with 22Miles guides visitors with dynamic 3D wayfinding, with options for accessible and dynamic routing. Visitors can also carry the experience from sign to mobile with a simple QR code scan and choose between browser-based or native app experiences with advanced features like AR, “blue dot” directions, and location-based information pop-ups.

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Enrich the University Experience Today With 22Miles Higher Education Technology

Consider this; reports find that only 56 percent of students at four-year public or private institutions say they are “satisfied overall” with their college experience. Are you searching for ways to make the overall college experience a top priority on your campus? Investing in digital signage for higher education with 22Miles is one of the best ways to improve the experience for students, faculty, and visitors alike.
Learn more about how 22Miles can help and contact us today to book your demo.

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