Interactive Touchscreen Displays

“The slick, modern design of the TouchPlus™ has never failed to impress our guests. We have had many compliments about the kiosks & reader boards in our lobby. The information is very helpful to those who are, looking for that meeting, looking for that flight information, or just looking for somewhere to eat, it is extremely guest friendly.”

– Sandra S, Embassy Suites by Hilton

Create a Better Customer & Visitor Experience

22MILES’ powerful platform aims to simplify and improve the customer experience. Use digital signage to increase engagement with marketing promotions, flight statuses, loyalty programs, and social media feeds. Provide deeper engagement to and increase the likelihood of return to your facility.

22MILES gives the user full editing control. No need for additional update development costs after initial design of your interactive display.

  • Drag-and-Drop unlimited interactive Landing page designs: slides, layers, buttons, login panels (check-in & data input), and other custom UI/UX components.
  • Built-In Smart Search Keyboard for quick and easy directory searching and interactions
  • Add a short description, images, and contact information of each listing.
  • Feature Local Points of Interest Map with Local Business Listed button
  • Touchscreen Screen Saver with Built-In Welcome Messages
  • Real Time Public Transportation Listings
  • Promote On-site Amenities and Services
  • Interactive Media Gallery (images and videos)
  • Multi-Language Support. Built-in unlimited automatic language translator
  • ADA Compliant. Content auto-adjusts to meet ADA and Wheelchair Viewing Requirements
  • Seamless External content integrations; Flight Status, check-ins, ticketing/purchasing, transit systems, stock, news, weather and fully functioning webpage controls.
  • Natively Design and communicate valuable touch points for customer participation in your organization’s enrollment programs, surveys, and potentially product up-sells.
  • Increase the interactive kiosk experience with a total wayfinding solution

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Digital Lobby Signs, Reader Boards, & Video Walls

  • Create the ultimate guest experience with a 24/7 interactive informational/concierge display.
  • Provide your guests with up-to-the-minute weather, news, stocks, flight information, and other guests’ daily interests with an intuitively organized application.
  • With our built-in Google Map- point of interests touch locater, deliver an interactive directory of entertainment, restaurants, and other local attractions that is easy to access and update.

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Interactive Check-in Kiosks (Flight, registry, appointments, etc.)

  • Easily relieve the stress associated with travel, saving guests’ time at the airport, with flight check-in and boarding pass printing kiosks.
  • Maintain a categorized property registry in a simple to use interactive module. Reduce the hassle and guest wait times associated with property arrivals, payment transactions and check-outs.
  • Self-service kiosk prompting an alternative solution to the paper and pen sign-ins of any scheduled appointment. Have it all accessed through one simple to use interactive Login-panel application.

Display Your Digital Signage Content on Any Screen

  • With an HTML5-based digital signage solution, your content can be seen on any device that has a browser.
  • Use Carry2Mobile to empower your users by allowing them to see your digital signage content on their mobile phones.
  • Create a responsive design with our WYSIWYG design studio.

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Enroll Your Guests for Rewards or Newsletter

  • Design and manage loyalty program enrollment and drive revenue with interactive loyalty kiosks
  • Integrate onscreen keyboards, RFIDs, QR Codes and URLs for inputting and enrolling customer’s information.
  • Leverage digital reader boards to increase engagement, create ad space, and improve customer experience.

Conduct Surveys & Display FAQ’s

  • Use the 22MILES powerful built-in widgets to easily automate the data collection process of customers.
  • Surveys are essential to solicit feedback from your customers, visitors or even staff. Include an onscreen keyboard so users can easily type their answers and submit.
  • Increase your display’s functional usage while minimizing unnecessary repetitions from guest or customer inquiries with an administrative, FAQ interactive input, solution.