22Miles November Nuggets

Ah November, we love you. We are thankful for all the PR appearances 22Miles made this month. We put a few of our favorites in this article. Check out the links below for the latest news about Publisher Pro.

In Thought Leaders: Perfect Pitch, a panel of AV industry thought leaders shared trends and best practices that help deliver the best high-impact experience. Among those asked was our CRO, Tomer Mann, who shared what to look for in a CMS system. He suggests that signage owners put content at their beck and call with a CMS that can serve as a truly universal backend. This enables them to send content to any sign, mobile device, video wall, or desktop easily. Working from a single system like this keeps content unified and updated while helping it reach your audience through various channels. Whatever you need, even as your use cases, goals, and audiences evolve, the right CMS system will be at your service. Check out more on page 24.

In AV Magazine’s recent Technology Manager’s Guide to High Impact Displays issue, 22Miles Content Manager V7 was listed in the 30 AV Products that Deliver an Impactful Image feature. In the mention are several top-level attributes that our CMS delivers on, such as the ability to create and deploy content for any screen through a unified portal. Another mention is the Smart Template Center, which features 1,000+ templates in categories like menu boards, room booking, and more. There are plenty more great things mentioned on page 54.

In a recent Dealerscope magazine article, Tomer Mann discusses five strategies for enhancing retail sales. He explains how digital signage is an invaluable tool for making brick-and-mortar shopping compelling in the age of the multiverse, and in-person retailers must remain vigilant and innovative to compete with advancing e-commerce experiences. Further, with the right content management system and strategic approach, digital experiences are a rising tide that can lift brick-and-mortar and online sales. Learn more in the article on page 32.

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