22Miles September Media

The 22Miles content management system recently appeared in the media spotlight in several locations. We gathered up a few mentions in this article. Check out the links below to hear more about our award-winning CMS.

Insight Partners, an industry research provider in the digital wayfinding solutions market, published an interesting report on the industry’s future growth. 22Miles was among the key players included in the report’s findings. They found that digital wayfinding was vital in returning to brick-and-mortar retail shopping. It is likely to influence the strategies of the retail industry in the coming years contributing to the digital wayfinding solutions market growth. Companies can create wonderful experiences for their customers and staff while providing relevant information on all the possible locations by making indoor navigation and electronic sign management simple for beginners. Learn more on Digital Journal.

This month, in AV Network’s latest issue, a Viewpoint article on customer-led innovations mentions 22Miles’ dynamic flexibility. In particular, it tells the story of when one of our Fortune 500 customers requested a signage solution that would help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Their proposal led to a new partnership between 22Miles and EcoPUK, makers of “sustainably smarter signage,” to deliver the client green signage solution. If you ever feel like there has to be a better way to manage your digital signage ecosystem, the missing piece may not exist right now, but we can help it become a possibility. Learn more over on AV network.

The September 15th webinar featured Nanolumens Kurt DeYoung, CRO, and Dan Rossborough, Director of Strategic Projects, alongside Tomer Mann, CRO for 22Miles, in a discussion about Seamless Signage, Seamless Integration, and Maximum Impact. If you missed it, check out the recording on LinkedIn.

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