22Miles CMS August Appearances

There were a number of places where 22Miles content management system (CMS) recently made an appearance in the media spotlight. We gathered up a few of our favorite mentions in this article. Check out the links below to hear what people are saying about our award-winning CMS system.

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TWICE magazine published a spotlight article featuring our very own CRO, Tomer Mann. He made a few tech-forward suggestions in the piece for leveraging CMS systems. One is to create more meaningful customer experiences and improve customer loyalty with engaging visual communications. He shares what to look for in a good CMS system, below. Get more detail in the article over on TWICE.com. 

“A CMS that offers an intuitive drag-and-drop templates, built-in branding tools, and AI-enabled content design within a unified backend makes it easy for retailers to engage customers across media. A solution like this will provide options to update content on the fly, edit and schedule campaigns with ease, and expand system capabilities at any point in the business’s evolution.” 

Paul Bray with AV magazine wrote a great editorial on learning from cloud-gathered data. Cloud analytics provides organizations valuable insight on strategic decision-making. When combined with easy-to-use back-end analytics, like those in 22Miles’ CMS system, it can inform communications strategies at every level, including enterprise users. Read more about it in AV Magazine’s August/September issue on page 61.

“The way companies benefit from cloud analytics depends on the application and the specific software they’re using. In the case of devices with interactive wayfinding, for instance, cloud analytics might collect and glean data on how many sessions have taken place at each sign; the length of each session; the locations mapped; the search keywords used; and the number of button clicks at each location by week, day, or hour. Every button click is recorded and can be reported within the platform or fed into a third-party analytics program alongside other data.”

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Kiosk Magazine shared an informative story featuring the Royal Hawaiian Center, a shopping and entertainment destination in Honolulu, Hawaii. They mention a few of the interactive features implemented at that location and how they impact users. In particular, our exclusive 22Miles Carry2Mobile, SecureMobileControl, and immersive 3d wayfinding solutions helped the center address the health and safety of their visitors and staff. Read more over on kioskindustry.org.

“Mobile friendly contact-less interaction, paired with the company’s internationally known 3D interactive wayfinding, has helped to transform the dynamics of this Waikiki epicenter, providing visitors and residents accessible, safe engagement within a prominent public gathering space for entertainment and culture in Hawaii.”

Cindy Davis and Macy O’Hearn wrote a detailed feature in AV Technology Magazine. They connected with a large number of industry thought leaders to share about forthcoming trends in visualization. Davis and O’Hearn specifically asked what AV and IT decision-makers should consider when planning their next visualization project. You can read more on page 23 in AV Technology Magazine’s August issue. Tomer Mann was among those interviewed for the piece. He commented on the importance of a flexible content management system.

“If ever you decide to add new use cases, like meeting room booking, hot desking, business intelligence dashboards or infotainment, the same system should scale to your needs. Likewise, demand a CMS that can target any screen, from a video wall to a mobile phone, with tiered administrative control. A CMS with that level of flexibility will leave you free to evolve.”

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