3 Benefits of Implementing Corporate Wayfinding from 22Miles in Your Office

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If your business operates in a busy space with various office locations, wayfinding can help facilitate a more organized and simple environment. 22Miles’ wayfinding employs the latest technology in digital signage to provide interactive, cloud-based solutions for your business.
Not only can wayfinding help increase employee productivity and limit distractions, but it can also enhance customer satisfaction and help office managers save on costs.
Here are a few of the top benefits of implementing corporate wayfinding in your office from the experts at 22Miles, an industry leader in experiential and visualized communications.
1. Increase Employee Productivity
Studies show that the average employee is only productive for 60 percent or less of their day. When your office has visitors, it can often mean further distractions for employees. With office wayfinding and digital signage, your company can direct visitors in a more efficient manner, reducing distraction and boosting productivity.
Limiting distraction in the workplace helps employees focus more on their responsibilities. Not only does this make for a more organized office environment, but also a more enjoyable one.
2. Enhance Customer Satisfaction
When was the last time you drove to a new place without enlisting the help of GPS? For many, using wayfinding technology when navigating to a new space is a part of their everyday routine. In your corporate office, wayfinding with 22Miles can help provide clear directions to visiting customers, creating a more efficient and enjoyable overall experience.
Unclear directions on how to find an office can make for frustrated and confused customers and visitors. Interactive wayfinding facilitates a stress-free space with 3D map views, smart pathway algorithm, dynamic map pop ups, easy route scheduling, ADA/wheelchair routes, and detour pathway rerouting. This makes for a safer, more engaging, and efficient customer experience.
With corporate wayfinding and digital signage, you can clearly communicate with customers of all kinds.
3. Save on Office Costs
90 percent of companies report that they do not currently track their printing costs. But, the average employee prints a staggering 8,874 pages per year, 17 percent of which go unread. Many businesses are spending more on printing and distribution than they might be aware of.
While digital wayfinding installation may often be associated with high costs, your company will save money in the long run on printing and distribution. Rather than re-printing office maps, room schedules, and contact sheets every time there is an update, 22Miles’ interactive wayfinding technology is easily updated.
No matter where they are in the world, whether it’s in the office or at home, it’s simple for team leaders to update digital wayfinding signage. This not only saves on office costs, but also on time.
Incorporate Wayfinding Into Your Corporate Office Space
At 22Miles, we know that every business has different goals for its employees and customers. That’s why it’s important to us to create corporate wayfinding solutions that are tailored to your business’ unique needs.
To incorporate wayfinding into your office space, call us at (408) 933-3000 or complete our contact request form today!
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