Intuitive Office Space Management That’s Simple

Many methods of managing a property or office can elevate your building for anyone who steps in and utilizes your space. Streamline your management services and offerings to boost your space with visual and digital communications for your modern facility.

This article describes how 22Miles Publisher Pro is a full-service space management software that can upgrade your property.

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Engage and Unite Your Building Communications

Your building communications can be visually stunning, accessible, and highly effective by integrating modern digital technologies. Employees within your office can send and receive communications through digital screens, standalone kiosks, stunning video walls, and mobile devices. Whether distributed between employees of companies in your office space or to everyone within the building, digital signage and directory applications are endless.

Office space reminders, safety protocols, or even breaking news can easily be shared and accessed with everyone, whether in the office or working remotely. Unifying your facility communications will promote more seamless qualities for ingesting information. The organizations and groups within your office space will have the capacity to automatically and seamlessly receive data feeds they choose from within 22Miles’ unified system management.

Space and Room Management

Your office space can benefit from a modern digital software system to simplify and streamline shared space and office management. With 22Miles’ space management software, hoteling office space reservation systems automatically synchronize with calendar scheduling and will update signage displays with organizational automations.

Spaces can be reserved for a specific period with our seamless booking system. The reservation data will be accessible to everyone automatically. Employees or tenants in your office space will be able to reserve flexible desks, offices, and meeting spaces within your office and integrate with Google, Office 365, or Zoom meeting calendars via 22Miles to digital signage or cross-platform software on desktop or mobile. These solutions also integrate with occupancy controls and sensors, RFID and badge scanning, auto check-in, and timed cancellation, providing your management team with rich data insights on building and space usage.

Facility Wayfinding

Warmly welcome employees and visitors as they enter your office with interactive 3D wayfinding. Our CMS software offers operational security software features such as instantly visible check-in instructions, guest badge reading identification, and interactive virtual reception services on entry point signage.

22Miles’ digital facility wayfinding services help your office feel more modern. Leveraging QR codes, kiosks, and mobile connectivity provides employees and visitors with a simplified way to navigate the physical office space. Routing and applicable wayfinding content can be filtered and customized depending on the user’s needs. In addition, helpful information about the building and its tenants is easily discoverable using digital building directories in the facility’s digital ecosystem.

In conjunction with using 22Miles Publisher Pro as hoteling office space software, sign owners can further streamline managing their office building with interactive 3D wayfinding. This will combine easy-to-follow directional navigation with helpful information such as availability and booking options for meeting rooms, offices, and desks.

Creating a Modern, Digital, and Seamless Office Building Experience

22Miles Publisher Pro delivers the most highly sought-after office space abilities and technological amenities. The unified system management of our CMS will make your building seamlessly integrated and accessible for tenants, employees, and visitors. Whether it is engaging communications, digital building directories, interactive wayfinding, or space management technology, 22Miles has the solutions to streamline managing your office building.

As the industry leader in digital capabilities for office building management, 22Miles’ innovations in technology will help your property reach its highest potential. Give us a call today at (408) 933-3000 or complete our contact form to speak with a real human on our team.

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