Office Hoteling Done Right, Here’s How

If you manage a team whose projects are as diverse as their hairstyles, you are likely all too familiar with the challenges that today’s work environment has created. One of these challenges is managing the use of physical office space, specifically with regard to hybrid employees.

In today’s flexible office environment, team leaders have to work overtime to keep up with the demands of their team. They must keep track of each employee’s schedule, plan out ample space for them to work in when at the office, ensure that there are quiet areas to take calls and host meetings, and more. Adding these tasks to a long list of managers’ daily responsibilities can be overwhelming. The good news is, space usage technology, like office hoteling software from 22Miles, can help team leaders accomplish their duties with less work, make the office space more organized, increase productivity and efficiency for the whole team, and more.

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Increase Productivity Across Departments

Office hoteling is a convenient way of reserving a room or desk in a corporate environment for an extended period. Whether this time consists of one day to complete a task list or several weeks to host meetings and calls for a specific project, office hoteling provides workers the flexibility to reserve the exact kind of space they need.

Studies show that the average office employee is only productive for a little under three hours each day. Increasing flexibility in the corporate office also increases productivity and efficiency. Workers can enter the workspace, quickly book their desired desk or room, and immediately begin working on the things that matter most. Rather than spending time trying to find the best corner of the office to work or quiet areas to focus on tasks and conference meetings, employees know exactly where to go upon entering the office.

Office hoteling software empowers employees to take ownership of their space and work and reduces wasted time.

Improve Employee Organization

Keeping employee’s organized within the workplace is often a challenge for teams who don’t work in a designated co-working space. With office hoteling technologies, employees can designate a space, either for themselves or for a group, that updates their coworkers where they are in the building. 22Miles Publisher Pro operates as an innovative room booking platform, and much more. It’s also able to integrate with active directories, digital signage, and wayfinding to streamline employee organization in the workspace.

Additionally, implementing an office hoteling digital platform enables team members to organize their own time and remain informed of company updates and happenings with synchronized, cross-platform technology. In having access to 22Miles’ synchronized booking systems, there will already be a baseline standard of employee organization in terms of hours worked and working locations within the office. When allowing employees to book their own office spaces, companies will encourage self-organization and empower employees to be proactive in their workspace tasks and projects.

Drive Engagement and Collaboration

When your team books a working room within the office space, they will be in a dedicated space that promotes engagement and productivity. The brain has natural location-based boundaries, and by having a space solely dedicated to focusing on work and collaboration, then employees will subconsciously train themselves to naturally boost their productivity. 

Working in a hoteling office space also encourages synthesis between coworkers and team members sharing the space. Facilitating a degree of relationship building and work-life balance is imperative for a team’s success, which can develop in a hoteling office space.

22Miles Workspace Solutions

As industry leaders in office hoteling technology and platforms, 22Miles’ innovative digital technology will help you enable your team to reach their highest potential within the workplace and your company.

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