5 Crucial Components of Alluring Building Directories

Digital signage serves a unique purpose in a wide variety of industries, from retail to healthcare to higher education and beyond. 22Miles is equipped with the latest technology to continuously elevate the experience for visitors to your building.

To learn more about how we provide the most impactful and alluring digital directory signage, read on.

digital lobby directory

1) Attention-Grabbing Displays

Each visitor to your building has unique and important needs. While some may be looking to find contact information, others may be looking for news updates or company information. To connect with these individuals on a deeper level, using imagery to capture attention is key.

Used for more than just turning heads, imagery also helps individuals follow directions easier. HubSpot reports that people following directions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations. Digital signage in your building allows people to interact with alluring imagery that addresses their needs.

For many, the process of finding a user-friendly CMS is not always a thought at the beginning of a project, creating issues with updating content to remain relevant for the user. However, 22Miles prioritizes integrating our systems with your existing technology and hardware if needed. We partner with multiple manufacturers like Nanolumens, Crestron, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, ELO and more. This means that your digital directory is fully flexible to meet your needs.

2) Interactive Features to Elevate the Experience

Once you’ve captured your visitors’ attention, keeping them engaged is the next crucial step.

One of the most innovative ways to elevate the experience through engagement is with 22Miles’ Virtual Receptionist. When entering your building, guests can be greeted by a visually stunning display that assists with streamlining check-ins, reading guest badges, and providing directions. This is particularly helpful when individuals are in need of one-on-one, customized assistance.

Digital lobby directory signage can also feature advertisement information, donor information, latest news on what is happening in the space, and much more. This engaging, dynamic signage reaches your visitors with the specific, tailored information they need exactly when they need it.

3) User-Friendly Technology

While capturing attention and engaging visitors through digital signage is crucial, it is just as important to cater to staff needs. Staff who are responsible for updating signage are never left behind with 22Miles technology.

Our template library has been specifically designed for day to day usability with a pick-and-click experience that is ready to scale across your entire system. Pre-built templates offer thousands of combination varieties, and with 22Miles Quick Edit™, one can update templates in minutes or free-form design with Pro Edit™. This simple, cloud-based interface allows the process for updating content to be more efficient than ever before.

4) Smart Template Center

When exploring the 22Miles Smart Template Center, users will find hundreds of visually-stunning and engaging templates. Whether your organization is interested in non-touch or touch capabilities, 22Miles offers a template to satisfy any of your digital signage needs.

After determining the unique needs of your organization and building, our team will suggest the best layout and features for your digital signage. Our C2M also utilizes a simple QR code to take any digital experience on the go through a URL connection. This leverages the display of content to your mobile phone, reducing time spent standing in front of a digital signage display and allowing users to achieve their goals more efficiently.

Our clients are confident in knowing that 22Miles is equipped to cater to the user experience. While we understand that each signage display may look different in each building, we pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of user-friendly templates to choose from.

5) Live Updates Capability

After determining how to capture your audience’s attention, how to keep them engaged, and how to customize your signage efficiently, providing live updates is another way to elevate the experience with digital directory signage

22Miles signage can be easily integrated with live weather updates, news updates, social media feeds, and more. This provides value for every visitor to your building by keeping them up to date at all times. It’s great informational content to add to your digital lobby directory.

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At 22Miles, we are passionate about continuously evolving with your organization’s unique needs. With the latest technology in digital directory signage, your organization can capture and keep the attention of all visitors to your space.

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