Corporate Digital Signage: The Latest Workplace Technology

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The latest workplace technology can help team leaders across all industries elevate their business to new heights. The best part is, this technology does not have to be complicated to use.
With interactive corporate digital signage and award-winning content management systems, 22Miles helps provide company leaders with the user-friendly tools they need for success.
Are you interested in taking your workplace operations to the next level? Learn more about how digital signage can enhance your workplace with 22Miles, an industry leader in digital signage technology.
Foster Workplace Communication
Fostering an efficient workplace culture is a top priority for successful businesses. Research shows that teams that focus on connection with the latest technology see productivity increase by up to 25 percent on average. One way to increase your employees’ engagement and connectivity is with digital signage.
Digital signage with cloud-hosted workplace software solutions allows leaders to effectively communicate with employees from anywhere, whether it’s in the office or at home.
Employees can now have their questions answered in a quick and convenient manner. Consider displaying information like news and updates, important contacts, company survey results and metrics, and more. Communicating important information to your employees has never been easier.
Improve Office Organization
Organizing meeting schedules and room bookings is another important component of office operations. The latest digital signage technology with 22Miles can be easily integrated with Office 365, Google Suite, and more, meaning important contact information and schedules are automatically transferred.
Based on the company calendar, room bookings and meeting schedules can be dynamically displayed on screen, making it simple for employees to see when rooms are available. They can also book space for meetings directly on screen.
Not only will this help keep your office organized, but it will also help employees complete their tasks and communicate more efficiently.
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At 22Miles, we know that your workplace environment is constantly evolving, and it’s important that your workplace technology evolves with it. Digital signage allows company leaders to boost corporate staff, guest, and visitor engagements, update important messages in real-time, streamline room booking integrations, and more.
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Tomer Mann is the CRO of 22Miles. As a veteran in the digital signage industry for more than 14 years, Tomer strives to enhance visual communication consulting services to higher education, hospitality, retail, transportation, government, corporate, venues, healthcare, and other large organizations.

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