How To Create an Elevated Workplace Experience with 22Miles Wayfinding API

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The workplace environment can play a crucial role in employee communication and overall satisfaction. In fact, happy employees with a positive work environment are on average 12 percent more productive than others. Maintaining an organized, efficient workplace will not only positively impact employees, but also customers, clients, and partners.
Utilizing wayfinding API (Application Programming Interface) in the office to manage hybrid work models, communicate across departments, and improve organization is one of the top trends in corporate spaces for 2
Direct Employees and Visitors
One of the top uses for wayfinding API is to provide direction for both employees and visitors in an office.
Wayfinding for enterprise takes the guesswork out of navigating a corporate office, for both first-time visitors and long-term employees. 3D interactive maps can be incorporated as touchscreens, video walls, and mobile applications with smart routing for any audience or environment. When paired with original features of wayfinding digital signage like touch, voice, and QR code interactions, augmented reality technology also engages and immerses users like never before.
With smart pathway algorithms, dynamic map pop-ups, ADA/wheelchair routes, easy route scheduling, and more, wayfinding API can facilitate an office that is simple to navigate for all.
Facilitate Collaboration 
Studies show that the average employee at a large organization spends up to one hour per week searching for another team member or open meeting space. This could equate to one full week each year.
And, hybrid work models are now more common than ever before, with 74 percent of U.S. companies planning to implement a permanent hybrid work model. Across industries, many employees are now splitting their time between the office and remote work environments. With interactive wayfinding API, employees can now search and discover the location and contact information for other team members and office managers instantly.
This technology not only helps improve work productivity and employee satisfaction, but also facilitates collaboration across departments.
Combine Wayfinding and Room Scheduling Technology
22Miles’ wayfinding technology offers a multi-faceted cloud-based solution for creating a more organized, efficient, and safe office space. One component of this is workspace room scheduling.
Combining wayfinding API with Office 365 tools makes for simpler scheduling and communication. For in-office and hybrid employees alike, navigating open spaces, scheduling meetings, and communicating with other team members can be done in one quick stop.
Prioritize Safety and Efficiency at Your Workplace
With the latest technology in wayfinding for enterprise, workplaces can operate more efficiently than ever before. To learn more about how 22Miles can elevate the experience of your employees and office visitors with wayfinding API, call us at (408) 933-3000 and schedule a demo today!
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