The Post-Pandemic Office Environment

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It is no secret that the pandemic has changed many facets of life, from socialization to health to work. In the workplace, trends in remote and hybrid work models and an increase in digital communication have been accelerated by the pandemic and our “new normal.” Across industries, team leaders have a responsibility to facilitate a seamless transition into these new work models and policies. 

One of the ways that team leaders can lead a successful transition of the office and agency environment is through technology. The latest technology in digital signage can help employees and personnel stay engaged, organized, and productive.

Learn more today about how 22Miles can help your office or agency stay up to date with the latest technology in digital signage for enterprise and digital signage for government.

Promote Flexibility and Productivity Among Personnel

One of the most notable after-effects of the pandemic is a more flexible work model. As most companies temporarily adapted to remote work, some of these work habits and policies remained after the pandemic’s end. As reported by a 2021 Gartner Digital Worker Experience Survey, 43 percent of respondents said that flexible working hours allowed them to be more productive, and 30 percent said that less or no time spent commuting also contributed to this productivity.

Flexible work models allow employees and personnel to experience a healthier work-life balance and in turn, feel more motivated and productive. However, the same Gartner report also finds that connectivity issues and technology changes were among the top reasons for decreased productivity. To ensure that your office or agency remains connected and engaged, it is crucial to invest in your digital visual communications.

When hybrid or remote team members are present in the workplace, space management technology can inform and unite the workforce. With 22Miles’ desk planner software, these team members can efficiently view which desks and rooms are available for use on a daily basis. This is especially helpful for coworking spaces and offices with varying work schedules.

Seamlessly integrated with Office 365, the 22Miles desk planner software also allows for team members to communicate across departments, view colleague schedules, and feel more connected than ever before. This helps unite personnel, contractors, staff, and leaders in a busy office space. In a time where flexible work is the standard, this connectivity has never been more important.

Prioritize Workplace Culture and Efficient Communication

While the post-pandemic trend of hybrid and remote work has its benefits, like an increase in productivity and work-life balance, it also has its challenges. One of these challenges is maintaining communication among employees who may operate on an asynchronous work schedule. 

Studies show that a whopping 86 percent of employees and team leaders cite poor communication strategies and a lack of collaboration as the main cause for workplace failures. While these have always been issues in many different offices and agencies, the addition of remote and hybrid work in the post-pandemic environment can often drive a larger divide among team members and personnel. The good news is, technology like digital signage for enterprise and digital signage for government can help bridge this gap in communication.

While team members may prefer to communicate in different ways, it is crucial to the success of your business that everyone operates with the same level of understanding. Digital signage like video walls and kiosks can promote your company’s messaging regarding policies, scheduling updates, important contact information, and more. This allows for all visitors, from contractors to hybrid employees, to feel caught up to speed and involved in the workplace culture, no matter how long they have been away from the facility.

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Continuously Evolve Workplace Technology

No matter your industry, technology plays an important role in your workplace operations. But, one study found that only 30 percent of employees say their experience with their company’s technology exceeds their expectations. Why?

Because many companies’ technology does not evolve fast enough. If your company has switched to a more flexible work model as a result of the pandemic, but has not updated its technology, there is a good chance that it is outdated. 

With technology like digital wayfinding for government or enterprise from 22Miles, personnel can navigate the office space with ease, and find colleague locations more efficiently. Employees and visitors can also carry turn-by-turn directions from sign to mobile with a simple QR code scan. 

In many offices, ADA compliance is also an after-thought when designing the workspace for either hybrid or fully in-person employees. 22Miles offers features like text to speech with 22Miles kiosks for the hearing impaired, and wheelchair accessible routes included in wayfinding technology. With this latest technology in digital signage for enterprise, team leaders manage accessibility options for ADA compliance to create an equal in-office wayfinding experience for everyone.

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When provided with technology that supports them, employees are 230 percent more engaged, as reported by one Qualtrics study. To keep your staff engaged, organized, and productive, 22Miles can help seamlessly integrate the latest technology in digital signage for enterprise like desk planner software, wayfinding for government or enterprise, and more.
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