Reinventing Universities in a Post-Pandemic World

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With digital signage for education from 22Miles, visual communications between university administrators, students, and staff can be at the forefront of campus operations. Learn more about how the on-campus experience can evolve to keep up in the post-pandemic world with the help of 22Miles.

During the spring of 2020, 84 percent of all undergraduate students were found to have had some or all of their classes moved to online-only instruction. However, only 70 percent of undergraduates agreed that their institution provided accommodations and helpful communications on completing coursework online. Today, many of these students are back on campus, and communicating with them is as important as ever before.

Promote Flexibility and Productivity Among Personnel

The return to campus presents new challenges for many universities and students. For example, 95 percent of college students reported that the pandemic negatively impacted their mental health in at least one way. As students struggle with isolation, a spike in workload, and navigating the hybrid class model, your campus’ digital signage can help them feel more supported. 

Video walls, kiosks, and mobile integrations allow for the promotion of messaging regarding campus policies, values, events, and news. Consider syncing university social media feeds to update in real-time on digital signage to connect with students. This allows all students, even those who are not present on social media or are on the go on campus to stay informed at all times.

Another opportunity to connect students and help them feel more engaged is with 22Miles’ Carry2Mobile integration. Without downloading an app, students can easily scan QR codes and take information with them on the go. This allows for more easy access to event sign-ups, feedback forms, and more.

Digital signage for colleges also allows administrators to highlight prestigious academic awards, sports team victories, and alumni achievements. This helps keep university pride alive during a school year that may be difficult for many.

Prioritize Safety for All

An informed campus is a safe campus. No matter the size of your university or college, safety should be the top priority for all administrators amid the return to campus. The latest technology in digital signage from 22Miles allows for more reliable campus safety procedures.

For example, digital signage in the form of video walls, kiosks, and mobile apps offer real-time notifications with both manual control and integrations with leading emergency alert software. Some of our most popular software integrations include RAVE, Everbridge, and Alertus.

This is one of the most beneficial uses for digital signage for education. These mass notification systems allow for scalable communications, automatic updates, and unmatched reliability when safety is a concern.

Another feature of digital signage for colleges that enhances safety on campus is 3D wayfinding. With 3D wayfinding technology, digital signage, kiosks, and mobile apps can guide students, faculty, and visitors with blue-dot directions and location-based information pop-ups. Augmented reality allows users of 3D wayfinding to visualize themselves in the space and navigate a confusing and large campus more easily. This capability also allows for the prioritization of wheelchair accessibility and ADA compliance, so that all can feel welcomed and safe on campus.

Engage Your Faculty and Staff Like Never Before

In the face of immense change for both students and staff, like hybrid class schedules, decreased funding for on-campus organizations, and more, uniting faculty and staff is crucial in the post-pandemic world.

Omni-channel communications with rich content APIs allow Information Technology professionals and campus administrators to quickly and easily update digital signage. While many IT departments are overwhelmed with campus responsibilities, 22Miles technology helps offload much of this work with the streamlined web editor. This is particularly useful when updating digital signage for higher education to communicate with faculty and staff about campus events, policies, safety procedures, and more.

These critical communications can also be seamlessly sent to mobile with the help of 22Miles’ mobile app experience, perfect for staff-only routing, real-time employee calendar integration, and filtered content. Simply put, anything your digital signage can do, mobile can do better. This is convenient for faculty and staff who are on the go and located in various classrooms each day.

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