Why Your Corporate Office Needs
Space Management With Office 365 Integration

Studies show that across the U.S., only 36 percent of employees feel actively engaged in their workplace. Are you looking to increase engagement levels in your office? One of the best ways for team leaders to deliver value to their employees and increase engagement is by streamlining space management procedures.
If it’s difficult to book a meeting room or workspace, how can employees be expected to work as efficiently as possible? With the latest technology in space management, the office can feel more organized than ever before.
The best part is, 22Miles’ desk planner software is fully compatible with Office 365. If you’re wondering how to improve production and employee satisfaction in your corporate office, learn more about space management with 22Miles, an industry leader in experiential and visualized communications.
Maintain an Effective Hybrid Work Model
The days of fully in-person work may be no more in your corporate office. 63 percent of high-growth companies currently embrace the “productive anywhere” hybrid work model. If you have employees that work from both their office and their home, space management is key to keeping all team members up-to-date on desk and room availability in the office.
With 22Miles’ desk planner software, employees can view which desks are being permanently used and which can be used as “hot desks.” Hot desks may be used by multiple employees at all different times throughout the week, depending on their in-person work schedule. To facilitate an environment where employees are comfortable and productive, desk planning is key.
Improve Communication Across Departments
Office 365 plays a vital role in many different corporate functions, from managing tasks, to scheduling meetings, communicating, and more. When implementing space management technology into your office, it’s important that your Office 365 tools are integrated as smoothly as possible.
With 22Miles’ desk planner software, your team’s existing Office 365 tools are quickly and efficiently synced. This means that team members can collaborate on scheduling across all departments. When employees can view open desk spaces and meeting time slots, this will improve organization, productivity, and communication for all.
Simplify Your Workspace With Space Management Technology
Completing daily tasks in a timely manner can often be difficult in a crowded office. Finding a place to complete work efficiently shouldn’t be. With desk planner software and Office 365 integration, your corporate office can continually evolve to keep up with an ever-changing work environment.
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