Powered by an immersive, easy-to-use content management software, PublisherPro.AIOT. The process of creating, managing, and enhancing any user’s designed content has never been more accessible. With fully customizable integrations spanning digital signage, space management, room scheduling, interactive 3D wayfinding, contact-less interaction technology, large array video walls, native or HTML mobile apps, and more.

22Miles One-Platform for all Digital Signage & Wayfinding experiences

Unified Communication

Design, manage, & visually communicate

Enterprise Platform

Cloud and On-Premise Enterprise connection options

Connected Network

Flexible scalability to your entire network

Simplified Automation

Native Integrations to any data source and open APIs

Our flexible system is a forward-thinking platform for organizations and facilities of all markets, providing digital connectivity, visual communications, media management, and adaptive multi-point interactive experiences.



Engineered with a novice user in mind for quick & easy projects or customized for a unique UI/UX design implementation.

  • Content Editor

  • DSR

  • Multi-touch

  • All Markets

  • Cross-Platform

  • Device Management

All-in-one software to customize and develop immersive visual communication content, wayfinding experiences, mobile applications, HTML5 signage, Room Booking with hoteling, hotdesking, space utilization integrations, and video wall mapping with a wide range of applications and widgets for all market verticals.
  • WYSIWYG Designer with intuitive, flexible, novice-level controls.
  • Web Editor with “Quick Edit” and “Pro Edit” modes let you manage your projects, your way, and per-user role controls.
  • Advanced level capability for customizable project experiences.
  • Supports – Any resolution, orientation, OS, features, and widgets with drag-and-drop and pick-and-click settings.
  • Fully integrated automation to create dynamic experiences with less day-to-day work. Natively leverage; XML, CSV, JSON, SOAP, LDAP, ICS, SQL, RSS, HTML filtering such as Supported Integrations


Digital Sign Ready by 22Miles, is a turn-key results-driven solution customizable interface with 100s of template options. DSR provides you with a simple process of selecting your template, quickly getting any creative assistance you need, and then deploying to any player or display.


DSR gives you instant access to a suite of our most popular, ready-made digital signage templates and visual communications solutions.


DSR is ideal for organizations across markets including corporate and office, healthcare, hospitality, retail, airport, large venues, government, and more.

  • Pick and click through digital signage, interactive and ready-made wayfinding solutions
  • DSR’s white glove services help you along the way to get your projects up and running quickly
  • Available through many different channels and partners as well.
22MILES gives the user complete editing control. There is no need for additional update development costs after the initial design of your digital or interactive displays.
  • Web Editor with “Quick Edit” and “Pro Edit” modes let you manage your projects, your way
  • Drag-and-Drop unlimited Landing page designs: slides, layers, buttons, login panels (check-in & data input), and other custom UI/UX components
  • Built-In Smart Search Keyboard for quick and easy directory searching and interactions
  • Seamless External content integrations: Flight Status, check-ins, ticketing/purchasing, transit systems, stock, news, weather, fully functioning webpage controls, and unlimited API supported integrations
  • Easily add short descriptions, images, and contact information of each listing
  • Feature Local Points of Interest Map with Local Business Listed button
  • Touchscreen Screen Saver with Built-In Welcome Messages
  • Real-Time Public Transportation Listings
  • Promote On-site Amenities and Services
  • Create a touch-free user experience with Voice Activation/Recognition & Control
  • Interactive Media Gallery (images and videos)
  • Multi-Language Support. Built-in unlimited automatic language translator
  • ADA Compliant. Content auto-adjusts to meet ADA and Wheelchair Viewing Requirements
  • Natively design and communicate valuable touchpoints for customer participation in your organization’s enrollment programs, surveys, and potentially product up-sells
  • Increase the interactive kiosk experience with a total wayfinding solution
Over 2300+ clients worldwide: The list includes some of the most notable names such as - Astra Zeneca, Lilly, L3Harris, Blue Origin, Gilead, Dow, NTT, USC, Harvard, Hilton, Four Seasons, Atrium Health, and many more. Leveraged solution by some top universities, health systems, Fortune 500 and other organizations, transportation, retail, federal and smart cities, and large venues such as convention centers, mega-churches, resorts, and more.
Flexible for any scope: Cross-platform to support all digital applications, with almost all digital devices and OS, for any resolution and orientations.
  • Supports for 1080P, 4K- 16K, Mobile and Desktop to more customized resolutions. Outdoor and Indoor hardware supported.
  • Any OS or Device- Intel, Microsoft, Android, BrightSign, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, Phillips, Sony, NEC/RPi4, AOpen, IAdea, Mimo, Bluefin, Crestron, Mersive, Cisco, NanoLumens, Arrow, LED Studio, EPaper, and more.
  • IT made simple: Cloud and On-Premises enterprise options, plus AWS GovCloud, FedRamp Supported for any IT infrastructure requirements. Just have a Port 443 Open: 22Miles remote assist's with the rest. SOC 2 reports are available with our hosting system.
  • SSO and Active Directory support with AZURE, OKTA, SAML/AFDS, and more.
  • Manage your digital strategy with built-in data analytics to support button clicks, wayfinding, keywords, booked rooms, occupancy controls, check-in per person visibility, media playback impressions. Log downloads are available to leverage that insight for better ROI, safety measures, or content goals.
22MILES award-winning CMS PublisherPro.AioT features unparalleled ease of use, granting users limitless connectivity as an integrated system communicating with other platforms.
  • Granular workflow controls; Desktop and web management suite for improved user roles and approval workflows for day-to-day organizational content contributions and publishing rights. Granular control of players, users, channels, and requests by departments, locations, and more to adapt to your environment needs.
  • As your enterprise network scales, the system settings make it easy to remotely license, manage, and monitor all your players between the PublisherPro or web interface.
  • Have a centralized view of every deployed device and the ability to remote capture real-time screenshots of any device, player status logs, project type information, player OS visibility, user/version control data insights, simplifying troubleshooting.