Mobile Wayfinding App with 22MILES AR Plug-in Capabilities

Augmented Reality is now a Reality… AR brings a new human interface to react to imagery in the user’s environment, especially in an environment the user is not familiar with. It can be difficult for users to locate an object that’s not positioned onscreen, and a mobile AR app could help users navigate to those objects easier, and with a clearer direction to start.

What does 22MILES bring to the table

  • Fully integrated its mapping capabilities into the AR plug-in
  • Fully integrated its promotion placement on floor maps
  • Make this AR plug-in available for any existing or new app

What’s possible with AR Wayfinding

  • Make it easy for visitors to find their destinations throughout the route with a super-imposed pathway solution through the phone’s camera. Great potential for smart buildings, retail, education, and any public use facilities.

  • Promoting anything within the real world when they point their phone camera to a location based on their proximity. With the 22MILES wayfinding app and AR plug-in, as an individual walks a retail environment for instance, the app could recognize a print catalog or a piece of furniture and then have virtual super-imposed animations (i.e. pop-ups, spaceships, talking coupons, live floating ratings, video ADs, etc.) emerge from the catalog and placed in the environment.

  • AR doesn’t only offer visual cues, but also audible feedback. It could greatly improve a mobile app’s accessibility. This can be a powerful new solution for ADA requirements and benefits.

Creating a new user experience with 22MILES AR Plug-in

  • Beacon enabled or scan location based on 22MILES Wayfinding Smart-Pathway Algorithm
  • Turn-by-turn directions in real time through the real world
  • Walk through any hall with a super-imposed pathway
  • AR or On-Map Pop-ups based on proximity to showcase promotional information, event feed, and any other live data
  • End your routes with a large pin – “our X marks the spot” with our custom design options……

With image recognition on your route the 22MILES features can do much more. Include images or video pins into the wayfinding floor plan of 22MILES map module and be able to have the AR solution recognize in real-time your positioning and either reroute you or provide a super-imposed videos to that location.