Interactive Wayfinding Solution

The Waytouch Premier™ is a tried and tested all-inclusive Award-Winning interactive wayfinding solution.

A Better Visitor Experience Makes a Difference

Placing digital signage & wayfinding kiosks around your properties can help you stay customer-centric. As an Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance Affiliate, 22MILES is equipped with the technology needed to help you build a better visitor experience.

Use our wayfinding software & solutions to ease the stress of your visitors, helping them navigate throughout your property seamlessly. Our wayfinding solutions can also be used to keep your visitors informed with the latest news, promote local businesses & amenities, and provide visitors with traffic & weather updates.

Enhanced 3D Map Views

Enhance any experience with a realistic 3D Design. Fly Over, Stacked View, multi-floor destination, 360-degree direction controls, and screen orientation

Smart Pathway Algorithm (Automatic Destination Routing)

Intelligent built-in wayfinding algorithm that auto-generates directions based on shortest path and ease of accessibility

Dynamic Map Pop Ups

Pop-up descriptions and images, product promotions, spotlight events, and listed information

Easy Route Scheduling

Each corridor can be scheduled to be open at a certain time each day, each week, or each month. Example: visiting hours

ADA/Wheelchair Routes

Disabled users can now tap an ADA button on the screen and/or app to activate programmed accessible routes. Preferred routes and text to speech also supported

Detour Pathway Rerouting (construction pathways)

Smart detour scheduling capabilities.Create a dynamic navigational experience no matter the situation

Employee and Private Access

After logging in with password or NFC card swipe, employees and contractors will be able to access more internal rooms, or departments

Smart Search

Built-in interactive keyboard for easy final destination searching

Map it Now

Receive instant turn by turn directions through SMS, QR Codes, Emails, and Printing and have the wayfinding on the go

1-Click to Publish to Mobile Web/API

Web/HTML based open API capable App (no downloading necessary, SDK is also available)

Wayfinding Analytics

Integrate 22MILES analytics engine to track and monitor navigation searches and usage data

Asset Tracking

Track static and moving assets in real time with RTLS integrations

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“Did you know that ‘30% of first time visitors reported confusion’ and that ‘25% of staff members cannot find some destinations’ within their campus.”

– Mark VanderKlipp “Sign of the Times” Medical Construction and Design.

Mobile Wayfinder Solution

Transition Your Digital Sign to Mobile Phones

Empower visitors to experience your wayfinding maps on a mobile phone with no App download necessary. Mobile Wayfinding leads to higher usability and allows the user to seamlessly consume your content on the go. 22MILES can also support any web based design for desktops and organizations websites. Full native app/SDK also available. Please visit our mobile solutions page for more information.