22Miles February Publications

22Miles content management system (CMS) made a few appearances in the media spotlight last month. We gathered up a few of our favorites in this article. Check out the links below to hear what people are saying about Publisher Pro.

Our CRO, Tomer Mann, discusses trends and best practices for digital signage in an article on AV Technology Network. His advice pertains to creating ways to deliver the best high-impact experience on any display. Among his suggestions are a few gems, such as looking for a content management system (CMS) with a truly universal backend and finding a single system that keeps your content unified and updated. These will make your life easier instead of creating work for you. Read the article on AV Technology Network’s website.

In the latest edition of AV Magazine, 22Miles made an appearance in their More Ways to Interact article. In the interview, Tomer Mann mentions how the humble QR code has become a great option as an alternative to touch screens. Bringing your own device (BYOD) interactivity is quickly becoming a standard. Users can seamlessly transition digital content from sign screens to their mobile phones. Another mobile device function is AR wayfinding, which lays turn-by-turn directions over the camera view, a handy feature for navigating complex and dynamic environments like trade shows and large entertainment venues. Check out the rest of the article on the AV Magazine website on page 54.

In Future Publishing’s Thought Leaders: Workplace 2023 article Tomer Mann mentions the CMS’s power to unify organization productivity and communications stacks. He explains how that can eliminate the administrative hassles that often plague AV/IT backends. Further, he mentions how visual communications ecosystems that integrate with clients’ existing centralized business apps like Google Suite and Microsoft Office 365 enable streamlined room booking and space utilization. These integrations provide greater productivity, organization, and safety for teams, ensuring a clear direction on where to go and when while staying connected with remote workers. You can read more on page 31.

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