3 Workplace Trends in 2022

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From an increase in companies that are adopting the hybrid and remote work model, to a significant rise in new technologies like an office space room booking application, can your business keep up with the times? It is crucial to constantly evolve workplace practices to meet business objectives as well as employee and customer expectations.
Learn more today about the top three workplace trends you should be aware of in 2022 and beyond.

1. Increase in Collaborative Technologies

Across industries, companies are becoming increasingly collaborative. Studies show that 75 percent of people value collaboration in the workplace as being “very important.” This is reflected by the implementation of new technologies.
For example, human resources officers can use room booking application data analytics to discover driving factors behind employee turnover, as well as monitor employee productivity and performance. These insights allow team leaders to develop better strategies for collaboration and satisfaction across departments.
Cloud-based communication is another technology that is helping to improve collaboration and work efficiency. These platforms allow team leaders to easily integrate communication tools and reach all employees quickly with simple-to-use APIs. In 2022 and beyond, collaboration is a top priority for many businesses, and failing to evolve can have significant consequences.

2. Hybrid Work Across Industries

Today, about 53 percent of employees expect a hybrid work arrangement, while 24 percent expect to work remotely, according to a report by Gallup. While most businesses operated on a fully remote or hybrid model during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these companies found that work productivity, work-life balance, and overall employee satisfaction increased. Since March of 2020, one report found a 47 percent increase in employee productivity.
Businesses in many different industries must learn to adapt to more flexible work models and hours. One of the most popular tools used in hybrid work models is office space booking. This allows hybrid employees to view open offices, conference rooms, and desks, book their space, and avoid miscommunications or confusion with other employees.
With 22Miles office space booking software, employees can reserve their space from anywhere they please via signage, desktop, or mobile app. 22Miles’s space utilization solutions also integrate with occupancy controls and sensors for data insights, RFID/badge scanning, auto check-in, and timed cancellation. This allows for a workplace that is more efficient and organized.

3. Greater Focus on Employee Wellness

According to a report by Gartner, 94 percent of companies made significant investments in well-being programs for their employees. In an ever-changing business landscape, limiting employee turnover is a top priority for many companies, and a greater focus on employee wellness is a top solution.
With a shift toward employee wellness as the top priority in many businesses, technology can play a vital role in enhancing employee experience. An increase in communication technologies via a room booking application is one way that companies in all industries can improve employee wellness.
For example, screens, kiosks, video walls, and mobile – distributed per department or company-wide by 22Miles’s intuitive central interface – facilitates a more informed and united workplace. This, in turn, allows for employees to feel less overwhelmed with miscommunication.
22Miles technology can also help enhance brand identity, which improves corporate culture. With large scale multi-screen layouts of any size and configuration, team leaders can instantly update employees with new messages and campaigns, as well as build in interactivity features for maximum engagement.

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Evolve With Workplace Trends in 2022 and Beyond with Room Booking Application

To stay relevant in a fast-evolving business landscape, it is crucial for any company to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. With 22Miles solutions, from office space booking software to facility wayfinding, team leaders can maintain an efficient workplace while also enhancing employee and customer experience.
Learn more about how 22Miles can help and contact us today to book your demo.

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