Manage Your Hybrid Office With Workspace Booking Technology

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In a post-pandemic corporate world, hybrid work is more popular than ever before. In a recent report, 83 percent of workers surveyed said they prefer a hybrid model where they can work from home at least 25 percent of the time. Many high-revenue companies have implemented a hybrid model to not only boost productivity, but also employee satisfaction.
If your office operations are conducted both in-person and remotely, prioritizing efficient workspace booking is one of the top ways to stay organized. Learn more about how 22Miles can help your workspace operate more efficiently with the latest office space booking software.
Communicate With Your Entire Workforce
Whether you’re a small business or large corporation, it can be difficult to keep up with employees and their schedules. And, 86 percent of employees and executives fault poor communication and a lack of collaboration with workplace errors. The good news is, space booking for enterprise can take the guesswork out of communicating and scheduling meetings in the office.
With the latest technology in contactless room booking and space utilization software, employees can book conference rooms right at the door. They can also see the exact times and locations of office vacancies to streamline the booking process. This is important for employees who may not always be in office to communicate with colleagues about meeting schedules.
It’s crucial to remember that while not all employees may communicate the same, there must be a way to disperse the same messaging across departments. With workspace booking technology and digital signage from 22Miles, team leaders can do this and more.
Simple Room Booking and Wayfinding
Another often overlooked aspect of managing a hybrid workspace is combining space booking with wayfinding technology. For hybrid workers who may not be as familiar with your office, or for corporations with large facilities, coupling the latest technology in space booking and wayfinding can help create a more agile and engaging environment.
With 22Miles’ space booking for enterprise technology, team leaders and employees can easily book and manage meeting rooms, offices, and spaces via tablet or mobile device. Streamlined room booking and wayfinding help ensure that productivity and safety are top priorities, and there is always an available space to meet in your corporate office from any touchpoint.
Manage an Agile Hybrid Office with 22Miles
While workspace booking is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to managing an efficient hybrid workspace, it is one of the most important. Ensure that your employees, customers, and partners are getting the best experience possible with 22Miles’ office space booking software.
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