How to Improve Employee Communications in Today’s Hybrid Work Environment

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The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the way in which businesses across industries operate. One of the main effects is the implementation of the hybrid work model. Businesses with a hybrid work model consist of flexible work days spent in the office, remotely, and on the go. This fluid method of business can widely benefit from space booking system technology.
Today, approximately 74 percent of businesses in the U.S. are currently using or planning to use a hybrid work model. If your business is one of them, it is highly important to prioritize communication across departments. Learn more today about how digital signage for enterprise with 22Miles can facilitate more efficient employee communications in a hybrid work model.
A Space Booking System for Agile Work Environments
For employees that work both in the office and out of the office, space management is crucial. Space management technology helps employees stay up to date on available meeting spaces and colleague schedules.
22Miles’ desk planner software can also help employees find an open hot desk immediately when coming into the office. Hot desks are physical workstations that are used by multiple hybrid employees at different times, depending on their work schedule. The 22Miles platform allows employees to quickly find an open workstation and book it for their use.
Space booking system technology with 22Miles also easily integrates with existing O365, Teams, G Cal tools for easy scheduling across departments. Space management technology like room booking software and desk planner software play a vital role in creating a more agile work environment for hybrid businesses.
Digital Signage for Efficient Messaging
With the explosion of popularity in hybrid work, it is more important than ever that your employees are all on the same page. While all employees may prefer to communicate in different ways, it is crucial that your corporate messaging is easy to understand for all. Digital signage offers a highly visible and accessible way for all hybrid employees to communicate and receive messages from team leaders.
Upon entering the office, hybrid employees can be presented with key company updates like safety protocols, calendars, Power BI KPIs, and contact information across departments. They can also be shown company branding and mission statements, creating a more universal understanding of the company and its latest updates across departments.
22Miles digital signage workplace technology also easily integrates with mobile devices, making interactive wayfinding, a space booking system, scheduling tools, access control integration, and collaborative engagement and communication more accessible on the go than ever before.
Contact 22Miles for the Latest Hybrid Workspace Technology
Studies show that 51 percent of U.S. employees feel disengaged with their workplace. In a hybrid work model, it may be easy to let communication in your business fall on the back burner. The good news is, 22Miles can help your employees prioritize communications across departments and from anywhere.
Contact 22Miles to learn more about how digital signage for enterprise can enhance your employee communications and book a demo today.
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