Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Corporate Digital Signage for Your Office

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Are you wondering how to improve business practices in your office? Corporate digital signage is a top solution for companies of all sizes and in many different industries.


Here are a few of the ways investing in digital signage for enterprise with 22Miles, an industry leader in experiential and visualized communications, can pay off for company leaders.
1. Increase Employee Productivity
One of the top reasons to invest in digital signage for your corporate office is to increase employee productivity.
Studies show that the typical office employee is interrupted from their work about every three minutes. Many of these interruptions may come from other employees asking questions about company updates, scheduling meetings, or using open office space. Digital signage can help streamline office tasks for more efficient employees.
Your corporate digital signage may feature information on meeting schedules and invited participants, available office spaces, team member contact information, and other crucial information that is needed to run business effectively. Rather than interrupting important tasks when seeking out information, employees can simply refer to digital signage in the office space.  Office leaders will notice a significant improvement in employee productivity when enhancing internal communication with digital signage from 22Miles.
2. Save Money and Time
It’s no secret that investing in digital signage is often associated with high initial costs. However, when your corporation invests in digital signage, you’ll not only save time on task completion, but you also save money in the long run.
Office digital signage eliminates the need for traditional paper materials like calendars, contact sheets, maps, and guidelines. Research finds that paper consumption at the average business increases every year by 22 percent, meaning that in under three and a half years, paper consumption will double. Do you know how much this costs your business per employee?
Making the switch to digital allows all this information to exist in one location that is easily accessible by all employees. And, it’s not limited to in-person employees. Your corporation will save money on printing and distribution costs for years to come, as well as save time on updating information.
When it comes time to update digital signage information, it’s quick and simple for administrators to do so from any location, whether in the office or at home.
3Promote Corporate Branding
It’s highly important that even in the office space, employees are aware of their company’s “why,” or their reason behind doing business. This can help boost morale and help employees feel more involved.
With office digital signage, business leaders can clearly communicate the company’s mission and vision at all times. This enhances internal communication and interaction across departments. Consider including unique branding elements on digital signage in your corporate office to reinforce the company’s positioning among your employees.
Invest in 22Miles Corporate Digital Signage for Your Office
Making the switch to digital with digital signage for enterprise is one of the top business practices for 2022 and beyond. To increase employee productivity, save time and money, and maintain the health and safety of employees and visitors, invest in 22Miles’ digital signage.
For more information on how 22Miles can help elevate your business and corporate office procedures with digital signage, call us at (408) 933-3000 to schedule a demo today!
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Tomer Mann is the CRO of 22Miles. As a veteran in the digital signage industry for more than 14 years, Tomer strives to enhance visual communication consulting services to higher education, hospitality, retail, transportation, government, corporate, venues, healthcare, and other large organizations.

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