Using Digital Signage to Enhance On-Campus Higher Education Security at Your University

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One of the key challenges that universities across the U.S. face is centered around their mass notification programs. Mass notification programs are often used to provide live alerts to students, faculty, and staff about safety protocols, inclement weather procedures, and other campus-wide updates. Alerting people quickly is an important aspect of planning your higher education security formula.
According to The 2022 Campus Safety Emergency Notification Survey, one of the main challenges is a lack of integration and cohesiveness between systems to ensure full organization alerting.
To keep university campuses safe and operating efficiently, 22Miles’ digital signage technology provides a free-form, feature-rich solution that has all the building blocks for success. Learn more today about why digital signage for higher education is so important in enhancing on-campus security.
Effective Communication Across Campus
A study conducted by ADT finds that a staggering 82 percent of college students in the U.S. are concerned about their personal safety. It is crucial that administrators on university campuses are able to quickly and effectively communicate with all faculty, staff, and students campus-wide in the event of an emergency. The speed and accuracy of delivering real-time notifications play an important roll in enhancing higher education security.
On many higher education campuses, staff are not allowed to carry personal cell phones while working, including professors, teaching assistants, and more. This brings forth a major issue for facilitating emergency communications on many campuses.
With 22Miles’ digital signage for higher education, tablet rooms boards can provide both live local room information updates as well as emergency campus alerts in real time. These tablets are also equipped with live service to call application buttons outside each of the study halls or classrooms with IT support, emergency panic calls, and any other service requests. This makes it simple for administrators to keep track of which rooms are occupied on campus, as well as get a hold of occupants when needed.
With built-in support for Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, VoIP, Exchange and diverse additional 3rd-party data sources, technology with 22Miles is seamlessly integrated into many different kinds of universities.
Accessible Information for All Campus Visitors
When security messages are displayed on digital signage boards or sent via mobile, 22Miles technology can employ the use of interactive wayfinding to provide students, faculty, staff, and visitors with custom directions and routes that are simple to grasp. Disabled, ADA compliant, routes are also a top priority, allowing campus visitors of all kinds to understand administrators’ messaging and safely navigate through campus. Any digital signage throughout the facility with a touchscreen interface is also made to be wheelchair friendly and accessible.
22Miles’ mobile applications are also integrated with digital signage and interactive wayfinding, making communication on-the-go easier than ever before.
This accessibility of information across the campus can make for faster response times to campus-wide security alerts, and class and shuttle scheduled directories that provide turn-by-turn directions in a 3D wayfinding overview allow for more efficient mode of transportation. This facilitates a safer, less crowded environment on campus.
Book a Demo With 22Miles’ Digital Signage for Your University
One of the most important responsibilities of administrators is to facilitate higher education security and an efficient environment for all campus visitors. Implementing 22Miles’ technology including tablet room boards, interactive wayfinding, mobile apps, and more, this allows administrators to enhance on-campus security, as well as the overall experience for visitors.
Learn more about the vast offerings of digital signage for universities with 22Miles and book a demo today.
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