Streamline Space Management in Your Corporate Office

The environment we work in can play a significant role in the quality of work we produce. Not only can disorganized offices reduce employee productivity, but they can also reduce employee satisfaction, and in turn negatively impact customers, clients, and partners. If you’re a team leader or office manager looking for ways to improve your business operations, enhancing office organization and engagement should be a top priority.
In fact, studies show that a 10 percent increase in employee engagement investments can increase profits by $2,400 per employee per year.
With the ability to book vacant rooms right at the door, Book22 by 22Miles enhances the way employees and visitors create and find a scheduled meeting. This all-in-one platform enables you to bring your meeting status right to the conference room door, highlight vacant rooms on a 3D wayfinding map, and even drive content to the mobile devices of your attendees. Streamlined room booking and scheduling and the ability to sync existing Office 365 tools  allows for more open communication between departments.
Facilitate Communication
In any workplace, communication is key. Communication with employees and team leaders across departments is crucial for maintaining an efficient business environment. With the latest technology in space management software from 22Miles, clear communication can be at the forefront of your business.
With corporate space booking and space management software, employees will benefit from streamlined scheduling processes, clearer communication, and a more enjoyable work environment. Learn more today about how to streamline space booking in your corporate office with 22Miles.
The days of guessing which desks, conference rooms, and meeting spaces are available, as well as being uninformed of colleague schedules, are no more when investing in corporate space booking.
Improve Hybrid Work Models
For employees that move between home and the office and operate on a hybrid work model, the office environment will play an important role in facilitating flexibility and productivity. Your business will benefit from providing a space that is representative of the overall brand and company culture, and hybrid employees should not be forgotten. 66 percent of executives say their company is considering reorganizing the office space to accommodate hybrid work.
By implementing a user-friendly space management applicationall employees, both hybrid and in-office, can feel welcome and organized when sharing the space.
Hybrid employees can simply enter the office space, interact with a digital space management kiosk, and view open conference rooms and meeting spaces, as well as available hot desks for the day. They can also efficiently reserve their space and schedule meetings in a matter of minutes.
While the hybrid work model has taken over many industries in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important that businesses adapt with their employees to remain agile. Not only can this improve overall business, but also improve employee retention and morale.
Invest in Space Management for Better Business Practices
Space management is an often overlooked, yet crucial piece of the corporate puzzle. Corporate space booking with 22Miles can help ensure that your business is organized, efficient, and operating to its full potential.
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